The Zombie Bedtime Stories blog tour has ended

I’m so sad to see it go. The tour went out with a bang!

I discussed humor and the Zombie Bedtime Stories with Rick Gualtieri on his blog.

I explained how even the mundane act of preparing meat and food can be an inspiration for horror, with fellow woman zombie writer Alyn Day.

I was also included on Stant Litore’s Your Zombie Bookshelf feature, where I undertook one of the most rigorous literary exercises since college English class. I am in excellent company there, it’s worth a second (and third!) look.

It was a great tour. I made a crochet zombie, answered many, many interviews and I had a grand old time. I’m not sure when I’ll do my next one, more than likely after Sanity Vacuum comes out.

Things are changing, but staying the same

In short, I’m finally well enough to return to work, and I started a temp job today. It’s for a few months, and I expect that my social media activities will be highly curtailed as I’m not allowed to have my phone while I’m on the floor. My video reviews will slow down, but not stop. In order to meet my other obligations, I can only read while on public transit for about 30 minutes per day.

I’m managing to keep up with #wip500, and even get in some extra as I can manage it. Right now, Bedlam is about 11000 words long, and I’m only about half-way through the story. It’s going to be the longest Zombie Bedtime Story yet! I’m hoping to have the first draft ready late this month, as I anticipate that its final length will be between 20 and 25k words.

I have some very exciting news coming up, but I’m keeping a lid on that for the moment. Let’s just say that I am very, very happy, which means you should be happy, too!