High drama low productivity

So my life is mired in stupid drama. So much stupid drama that I may have to unexpectedly move at some point in the undetermined future. This is doing wonders for my ability to focus, as you can probably imagine. However, I am sick of neglecting my writing, blog and vlog and will try to keep up, no matter how overdosed on bullshit I am.

Onto real news:

Locked In got featured on Indie Snippets. It’s just a short quote, but it’s an extended sample of what I usually show off, so check it out.

I’m told I’ll have my first book blogger review tomorrow morning. I’m a little nervous, and very excited.

As a side-project, I’m keeping track of where I submit for reviews/interviews/publicity, and comparing results and wait times. I hope the results will be illuminating.

Reviewing brainmush is worse than writer’s block

At least with writer’s block there’s no pressure. I have to have this review perfect by Wednesday morning. I was hoping I could get it done today so no more stress, but it never seems to work that way.

Seems I need a new strategy for deadline reviewer’s blocked. It only seems to happen when I enjoy what I’m reviewing. The negative reviews always write themselves. I’ll remember that for when a reviewer tears me a new one at some point in the future.

But, it seems like my reviewing days are over. I had a falling out with one of the places I review for. It’s no big loss, but that leaves my internship which ends at the end of summer. If I want another writing gig, I’ll pick one up.

However, I do take requests and do interviews. You just need to ask. 🙂


All work and no play means no writing and no podcasts

Intense working weekend. Them’s the breaks when your deadline gets surprise upped by a few days on you. I was hoping to spew more of Locked Out, but it seems like that will have to wait. It’s so lame when the whole story clicks in your head and you’re just too busy to get to it.

I should have more time after Monday-ish. I have some rad ideas for good blog posts. My brain is mush right now. It’s not even zombie food.

I’m thinking of getting into podcasting. My years of soul-crushing sales and call center jobs tell me that I have an amazing voice. I should use it for something that’s not soul-crushing for once. I’m thinking of making audiobooks of my stories, and doing some good old fashioned talking.

Right now I’m so overloaded that I can’t deal with all my creative influx. I did start a twitter, it appears to be good for you. I have more zombie channels than friends. Love me, love my twitter!

As of Wednesday I should be back to my normal schedule. I hope my neovellas are still waiting for me when I get back. I miss you sweet bodily-substance spewing little jerks. Want to help me write horrific things? Check out the following two links before I finish both stories myself:

Bobby the Incontinent Space Cadet

Buster the Effeminate Cucumber Farmer Looks like it picked up again. I know what I’m off to do, and it’s not going to be pretty, but it’s going to be fun! I should be working on some outstanding reviews, but I just don’t want to. Maybe I can podcast the neovellas, that might rock if I could keep a straight face.

Business writing makes a good diversion

It’s kind of funny. The more I write reviews and fiction, the easier business communication becomes. I was able to spew out a fairly awesome cover letter for anonymously-obsessed-boyfriend today. He insists I could get paid for this stuff.

My theory on cover letters and business writing is that it should be engaging and fascinating. They exist to start a dialogue between yourself and your audience, much like reviewing or fiction. Why condemn your writing  to being rote and trite, even if it’s “just” for business? Professionalism does not negate creativity.

Feeling a little case of writer’s block coming on. A lot of it is my own self-doubt and uncertainty. Someday I’ll learn to cork that genie until editing time, when I need him.

In other news, I liked the Zombie Empress joke/identity so much that I’ve decided she needs her own blog, where she can post in-character ramblings. I have a few other ideas in store for her, as well. Check out The Rise of the Zombie Empress

Now, I have a review to write. It never ends.

Outlines and picking up new gigs

I’ve noticed that I put a lot of my thoughts down in a notebook before I ever open the word processor. For some reason, having it there, handwritten, makes the idea seem real, and more mine. Writing is probably more psychological than most people understand. Having the concepts written down makes come points more solid, and the really irrelevant fluff fall aside. It might be a matter of perspective.

I’ve been working on picking up some new gigs. My primary gig is not exciting for me anymore, for reasons that are probably unprofessional for me to elaborate on. I can write and not be paid for it with infinitely less frustration than I have now, so why stay?

I’m already getting run in my new gig/internship as of June 1, and I even get to pick my assignments. It’s time to branch out. I deserve exposure, and I want to write my stories and books while doing my gigs in a positive environment.

A new week. Edits and projects, but in random order.

It seems this week will be a busy one. I have a project due, I’m hoping to meet up with that internship so I can get rolling, and I want to edit my story.

Additionally, I put off invoicing, but it’s not that big a deal. However, I like getting paid, so it is a big deal.

I’m feeling a little directionless at the moment. I hope it’s just a random funk and I’m clear by morning, because disempowered is no way to start the first week of the rest of my life.

On the good side, I went to Mini Comiccon, it was an interesting place. Met some characters, got glared at by Darth Vader and saw some very cool toys. Feared for my life as Stormtroopers appeared, made strategic retreat.

By retreat, I of course mean going home to have some barbecue, not running away from a comic book convention.