Holiday Hop and Creepfest contest winners!

The Christmas-themed blog hops, the 12 days of Creepfest and the Holiday Hop have come and gone. I’d like to personally thank everyone who participated, as well as the hosts of both of these events–Cheryl Bradshaw and Rebecca Treadway.

I’d like to congratulate the winners of my contests (links go to contest and entries):

Creepfest: Jason Darrick and Leonard White (tie)

Holiday Hop: Teressa

This was a blast, and I can’t wait until we can go again.

Up for January: I’m doing a blog tour to support the Zombie Bedtime Stories. If you’re interested in hosting me, please let me know. I don’t bite, much. Well, compared to a zombie, anyways.

New Video Review: This Brilliant Darkness, by Red Tash

By popular demand, I have another video review for you.

This was a highly enjoyable book, and I am going to say that if you like stories of the darker persuasion (of course you do, that’s why you’re on my blog!)

This Brilliant Darkness on Amazon

Red Tash’s website

More reviews are on their way!

Deadlocked (Zombie Bedtime Stories, #3) is now available! Sneak peek!

Now, an aside from blog hopping goodness–Deadlocked is here, and available on Smashwords and for the Kindle. Other platforms will be added, but that’s all in the hands of Smashwords.

As always, I’m posting a sample. Here is the prologue, and chapter 1!



Deadlocked cover

Frank Leblanc watched in silence as his partner Haley walked to her house. He was a stone-faced man of about fifty years, slim and much taller than average. His light brown hair was flecked with grey, and deep frown lines ran through his face, while crow’s feet obscured his blue eyes. He seldom had reason to smile. The attack on Haley earlier that day had rattled him; the idea of being attacked by a friend in cold blood would disturb anyone; even on a good day. Since it was his birthday—his definition of a bad day—the assault had left him seething with anger. Haley was a good kid; she reminded him so much of his own daughter, Kelsey.

Kelsey. Several years had passed since she died, back in 2030. The doctors still didn’t know how to treat the rare genetic disease that had sent her down the path to a slow and painful death. He shook his head, forcing the memories from his mind. Kelsey was gone, and his wife had left him for another man: he was alone. Frank pulled away from the curb once he saw that Haley was safely inside. She was so like his Kelsey. They were both warmhearted and caring, empathetic to a fault. They were the polar opposite of him. He decided to deal with the problem the only way he knew how—work.


Chapter 1


Frank was pissed off. Some jerk had taken his assigned parking spot. He didn’t recognize the car, so he parked his beat up sedan—the pride of 2027—in the first available guest parking spot. He had contemplated trading it in for a fully-electric model, but he had reservations about being dependent on the strained local power grid. He’d enjoyed gloating when the early-adopters had become stranded during the nuclear crisis years ago. Even now, the memories of their sheepish smiles and sputtering disbelief made him chuckle. He slammed the car door shut, and hardened his face into its usual stony countenance. As he walked to the station, he noticed how full the parking lot was.

He strode in the front door, and allowed the door to slam shut. The station was deserted—reading tablets were scattered across tables and abandoned cups of coffee grew cold. He’d returned with the hope of finding an available person that he could partner with in order to get back to work and forget about the whole incident. Of course he’d have to deal with the annoyance of working with somebody he wasn’t used to, but it was better than no work at all.

“There you are, you old bastard.” Frank turned towards the voice, which was quiet and raspy. The man that stood there was his supervisor, and he delighted in antagonizing Frank. Gerald was a squat little man with greasy thinning blond hair and he was growing a terrible attempt at a goatee. They had been partners years ago, but their mutual disdain was all that remained of their formerly good working relationship.

“You were expecting the tooth fairy, maybe?” Frank said.

“You took long enough, Leblanc. I don’t remember you driving me home anytime I got hurt.” The bitterness seeped through Gerald’s voice. An on-the-job accident had relegated Gerald to clerical duties three years ago, and he remained resentful to this day.

“I didn’t want you in my car!” Frank spat out.

“Maybe if you bothered to get a girlfriend, you could have your own daughter to taxi around. Or, is there something else you want out of her?” Gerald said, smirking during the insinuation.

“Leave the kid out of this, Gerald. I assume you want to talk about work?” Frank said, hoping he wouldn’t need to work with the man ever again. He ignored the suggestive goading, but a part of him wanted to send Gerald thumping down a flight of stairs.

“Yeah. I need you to work the retirement homes. Everybody else needed to be sent out on emergency calls.”

“Do I get a partner?”

“Did you hear what I just said? We have nobody else; you’re on your own. I’ll send you the list, and we’re pulling out some old ambulances from storage. Take one when they arrive.” Gerald turned then and marched out of the room. Frank glared at the light reflecting off the shiny bald spot on the back of the man’s head as he left.

Frank sighed as he took a seat with a view of the glass doors, so he could see when his ambulance would arrive. He didn’t look forward to being relegated to ferrying old people to their tests and medical appointments. His anger at Gerald stewed inside him. What a presumptuous little pig! Frank thought. He had never told Gerald about Kelsey. He wouldn’t have understood, even when they had been partners. Frank knew it was best to suffer alone. Working with Haley was a painful mixture of therapeutic and depressing. In a way, it was like having his little girl back. Like Haley, Kelsey had also befriended the homeless and taken care of local children. Kelsey had always wanted to be a doctor, while Haley was saving to put herself through nursing school. He suspected they would have been great friends, if Kelsey hadn’t… it was always so hard to finish that thought. He remembered how pale Kelsey had become, skin translucent over a body that could barely move, before her hair fell out. Frank’s eyes were brimming with tears, so he stood up and paced around the room.

He hoped Haley would come back to work soon.


If you like it, here are the links:



The grand prizes for both my Creepfest and Holiday Hop contests include a copy of Deadlocked, so get entering!

It’s time to enjoy the #HolidayHop. No limericks this time!

The second blog hop I’m participating in is underway! I hope you’re as excited as I am!

In addition to my own offerings, there will be a draw taken from the pool of winners across all contests for a nice Kindle Fire, thanks to the wonderful Cheryl Bradshaw! For more chances to win, do visit the other participating sites on the Holiday Hop.

Now, for my own homegrown contest:

The dates!

December 15th Midnight PSTDecember 25th  Midnight PST (Yeah, my birthday! Shouldn’t you be giving me prizes?)

The prize: Smashwords coupons for the first three Zombie Bedtime Stories! Locked In, Locked out and Deadlocked (it will release during the Holiday Hop, how exciting!)

Please note: The 12 Days of Creepfest, and its mini-prizes are running concurrently to the Holiday Hop. Its prize winners are not eligible for the Kindle Fire draw–only this main Holiday Hop contest’s entries are. However, there are many ebooks to be won all-around, so please enter!

My Rules:

  1. Like me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter (Preferably both, but I’m not picky!) If both of these are against your Internet religion, subscribe to my blog instead.
  2. I will contact winners by email to distribute prizes, so make sure the email address you use to comment with is valid, and that you check it!
  3. In the comments, tell me about your first zombie movie experience. Which movie was it? How long were you freaked out for afterwards? Did you want to see it again, or find more, or did you run screaming from the screen?

Of course, I won’t expect of you what I won’t do myself. So, here is the story of my first zombie movie:

I was 18 years old, and, having led a very sheltered existence, 28 Days Later was my first “zombie-esque” movie back in 2002. I realize that it is debatable whether or not they are true zombies, but it was still my inauguration to the genre as a whole. Being sheltered, it freaked me out–I had never seen anything that gory or brutal before, unless you count watching Event Horizon when I was 16 (which still gives me nightmares.)

Of course, I decided to watch my first zombie movie ever on a day where I’d have to go to work directly afterwords. At the time, I was working at McDonald’s to pay my way through school, and I was trapped in the kitchen. It was a very busy McDonald’s, with huge crowds at all hours of the day. I spent my shift quaking in fear that if the infected came, I had nowhere to run and hide. I passed a very sleepless night, and looked over my shoulder constantly for days afterwards.

The next zombie movie I saw in theaters was Dawn of the Dead (2004). It was terrible and once I got around to watching the 1978 version, I wondered why they messed with perfection.

Now, it’s your turn!


The Zombie Response Team did an awesome podcast

The Zombie Response Team did a wonderful podcast today, focusing on an aspect of zombie defense that is very dear to me–defending my kitchen against zombie intruders. I hate it when they come barging into my kitchen, making all kinds of noise. It causes my rising bread to fail, and makes food burn.

Fortunately, they were kind enough to answer my questions about how to fight zombies using cookware.

Enjoy the podcast, and say hi to them. They’re such a lovely, well-informed team. I also totally dig their decals.

It’s time for a Creepfest contest!

The Twelve Days of Creepfest have begun! For other locations in this spooky and sure to be epic blog hop, click on Poe’s nose–he likes it, really! But, before you do that, scroll down to find the entry rules of my own contest!


Creepfest lives! Click on his nose for more contests and chances at sweet, sweet prizes.


The dates!

December 13th Midnight PSTDecember 24th  Midnight PST

The Prizes

Grand prize: Smashwords coupons for the first three Zombie Bedtime Stories! Locked In, Locked out and Deadlocked (which will release during the 12 Days of Creepfest, how exciting!)

Other prizes: I will hold one-day short contests to win Smashwords coupons for Locked In and Locked Out individually. These will have separate rules and challenges from the main contest (If limericks aren’t your thing, then I’m sure something will appeal to you!)

My house rules for the Grand Prize!

  1. Like me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter (Preferably both, but I’m not picky!) If both of these are against your Internet religion, subscribe to my blog instead.
  2. In the comments, post a zombie-themed limerick. Note: It MUST follow limerick style. The link has many examples, and I will not consider other forms of poetry for the grand prize.
  3. I will contact winners by email, so make sure the email address you use to comment with is valid, and that you check it!

My terrible sample limerick:

I met a handsome dead fellow
His disposition was quite mellow
His return to life
Caused much strife
And I was found dead in a meadow

Okay, you can do way better than that. Make me laugh, cry or whimper in distress. Most of all, have fun and check out the other participating blogs!

Forget Christmas, give me #Creepfest

Rather than decorating my home, a long, and arduous process that involves needing to clean up after myself, I’ve opted for a more humane approach to the holidays–participating in blog hops.

October’s Coffin Hop was incredible fun, and I’m so stoked I joined two blog hops:

  1. The 12 Days of Creepfest is a horror/dark fiction only hop, and they’re still accepting new signups! Begins Dec. 13
  2. The Holiday Hop, which is more inclusive but still going to be great fun! I hope they like zombies. Begins Dec. 15

As with last time, I’ll be hosting neat contests and giveaways. It’s going to be great fun!

Deadlocked is coming soon, and I’ve entered a contest!

I know, I should update more, and with less topics. I hate 100-word updates, what can I say?

I can say with some authority that Deadlocked will be gracing your Internet as of Friday, for your weekend dose of zombies. Trust me, you need zombies every weekend, it’s vitamin Z, and totally not me trying to get you to read my (and other great) stories. Sadly, continuous annoying pneumonia complications keep creating unexpected delays, but I’m 95% certain that I’ll be able to make my latest self-imposed deadline.

As for the contest, I got wind that the fine folks at Curiosity Quills were holding a contest for books written specifically during NaNoWriMo, so I threw my science fiction novel, Sanity Vacuum (link will show the first three pages of my draft), into the pot. I’m currently in fourth place, and I need to stay in the top ten to move on to the next round. Please vote for me, or a number of the other fine contestants, or both!

Coming soon: Deadlocked Chapter 1 sneak peek, and Christmas Blog Hop madness!



Video Review – The Zombie Bible by Stant Litore

I was given the opportunity to do a video review of The Zombie Bible: Death Has Come Up Into Our Windows by none other than Stant Litore, the zombie historian himself.

Stant has done a wonderful job at making zombies and history accessible, while still being artistic and opening up an incredibly beautiful world for us to explore through Yirmiyahu’s eyes and heart. For the rest, watch the video for my thoughts on this remarkable melding of biblical history, the undead and the fragility of human life.