Unproductive, nonproductive, antiproductive

I’d classify myself along the lines of “nonproductive” today. I’m just not doing any formal work. I’m not self-sabotaging, which I’d say would be antiproductive, but I’m not trying and failing either.

My main work computer is being plagued by problematic freezes and crashes. I fear becoming reliant on my laptop for essential work, because my wide screen dual monitors are pretty essential to a lot of what I do. I did it before without them, but it is very inefficient. Although, arguably, my laptop is technologically superior to my desktop, I still like to keep “work” and “writing” segmented.

My boyfriend is on the cusp of putting together his own dream computer. Hopefully this issue will resolve itself when I inherit his old machine and I turn this one into the Linux box of my dreams.

Played more Portal 2 last night, I’m blown away by how amazing it is. I’ve been trying to make it last, because I blew through Portal and felt sad when it was over.