The Zombie’s Bride, now free on Kindle, and other good things

At long last, Amazon has made The Zombie’s Bride free for Kindle. This is not a limited time offer, I consider it to be a sampler of my work, put out there as a way to entice people into trying my other work (notably, the Zombie Bedtime Stories.) So please, download it early, and often!

It’s interesting to note that I’ve moved 560+ copies in one day as of this writing. It’s pretty well ranked, and I’m hoping that good things will come of it!

In other good news, I’m pretty hopeful for even more reviews to be out within the next week, thanks to some nice blogger-types. Now, all I have to do is finish Deadlocked already, and I’ll be set for meeting October goals.

October goals:

  • Write outline/chapter guides for NaNoWriMo
  • Start/Complete Zombie Bedtime Stories draft #4: Bedlam
  • Sell 50 copies (combined) of Locked In and Locked Out. (I made my goal of 25 for September, why not aim high?)
  • Edit Deadlocked and aim for end of October release (or early November, depending)



A review, and Deadlocked is almost written!

You read that right. I got a review for Zombie Pride! It’s from the nice people with the Zombie Response Team. If you haven’t checked out Zombie Pride yet, now you can read exactly what you’re missing out on! Don’t worry, it being free isn’t a limited time offer.

In other news, Deadlocked is almost finished. I have to write the conclusion/closing, and it’s time for edits. You’ll see a blurb and cover within the next couple of weeks. I’m excited with how it’s turning out. I’ve been slow writing it, but the deliberate pace seems to have an overall positive effect.

I want to write most of part 4, Bedlam, during October. I’m (liberal estimate) hoping to have part 4 out by Christmas. There’s going to be a delay called NaNoWriMo, but let’s just say that I’m conjuring up something quite different during that month from what you’re used to. Of course, it won’t be available for a long time, so it honestly doesn’t really matter.

A New Bite-Sized Zombie Story, Zombie Pride, now free!

That’s right, I said free. My beloved cover artist came up with a suitably nice cover, and now, I’m showing it off to the world, for your reading pleasure.

My Bite-Sized Zombie Stories exist in the same universe as Zombie Bedtime Stories, but they do not follow the story chronology and do not carry on the plot. They’re essentially me killing nasty people with zombies for the amusement of all. The nasty people totally asked for it and deserved it, so no sympathetic characters were harmed in the making of these stories. However, sometimes, a sympathetic character will be mentioned. (Haley from Locked In was mentioned in The Zombie’s Bride, for instance. I wonder why she stopped answering her phone. Hmm.)

Check out the cover art:

Zombie Pride

Zombie Pride Cover

And now, for links:


Kindle Version (not free yet, that apparently takes a while. I won’t complain if anyone buys it, however.)

Of course, I plan on creating a YouTube video for Zombie Pride, which I will create when I’m over this stupid flu-type bug. I also plan on doing a reading of Locked Out chapter 1.

Lifetime Zombie Acheivements? For me?

Another day, another award. Again, this one comes from April. I am glad that she has the wisdom and foresight to recognize how much I have advanced the zombie cause in a few short months.

The rules for this award are very simple:

  1. If you are the recipient of this award and have dedicated at least one post in your blog to zombies, the undead or anything about the walking dead then you are truly one of the infected and have the power to award this gift to two other bloggers of your choice. Make a post announcing your utterly awesome achievement and name your two victims.
  2. If you are the recipient of this award and have NOT written anything about zombies in your blog then you must dedicate one post to nothing but zombies. A legit post. Not a “I hate zombies” or “Zombies rock” two paragraph announcement. A real post folks. I don’t care if it’s a story, news, a movie review, book review, creative fiction, or whatever. Entertain us! Once you have done so you will have officially infected the internet with more zombie goodness and can reward the gift to others. Make a post announcing your super fresh award and name your two victims.

I obviously fall into category #1. Determining why will be left as an exercise for the reader. I should totally write a textbook.

Now, for my two nominations:

AG – He’s funny, and I think he likes zombies. If he doesn’t then I will be sad, but still understand.

Shana – She’s dedicated more posts than I can imagine to Zombies and thus deserves a lifetime award..

The next big thing – Zombie Bedtime Stories news

I’ve been thinking of my naming scheme. Back when the series was in its infancy the “Locked” theme made sense, but as I expanded the series and the ideas behind it, the limits to which I can effectively use the titles are strained. After Deadlocked, I have one more “Locked” title upcoming, but the rest are all changing. I think it gives me a bigger degree of freedom. The first three stories (The Locked Series) set the stage, and the rest of the stories build on them.

Want to know what the next three stories are?

#4: Bedlam (Formerly Lock and Load)

#5: Cabin Fever (formerly Locked Up)

#6: Inter Inferis (formerly Locked On)

Especially in the case of story #6, the Locked title wasn’t really appropriate to the story. Plus, the new ones sound way cooler.

In writing news: Deadlocked is coming along. I’m getting close to the end. For some reason, Locked Out practically wrote itself, and Deadlocked is much more challenging. I want it completed before NaNoWriMo starts, because I need to take that month off from ZBS, so I can work on something different.

Science fiction.

More Awesome (blog) Awards for me!


What goes around is all around. Or What’s all around comes around. A few days ago, I gave April Denton a sweet award, because that’s what friends are for. Did she ever reciprocate! Since the last award-thing post I did was such a hit, let’s have some more fun. It’s better than a “I wrote stuff today” post.

I think I have to include the rules. They are:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominates you 
2. Share seven random facts about you
3. Pass this award to five new blogging friends
4. Contact and congratulate the awarded bloggers

1. Done. Thanks April. #Zweeps forever.

2. Seven random facts about myself? Well, alright. No refunds.

  1. The hat-fact. I love hats. I have more hats than shoes. I look great in hats. I try to mix up my hats in my youtube videos, just to keep it exciting. I’m at the point where I don’t even need to buy new hats, because everyone knows I love hats. Thus, I get them for birth-mas. The best holiday ever.
  2. I am a Christmas baby. It royally sucks, because I am an atheist and have to lose my birthday (and none of my friends care/remember) to some imaginary jerk who took over the AWESOME Roman holiday of Saturnalia. I could go for a week of gluttony and debauchery. I’d share my birthday with that.
  3. I am an amazing cook. No humility at all here. If I smell/taste something, I can usually figure out all the spices and recreate it well. I also build recipes in my head and know how they’ll turn out. No formal schooling, just lots of learning from my dad and about 20 years of experience. It’s all just chemistry, anyways.
  4. I’m a giant science geek. I have most of a physics degree done. It needs to get finished, when I stop being broke (haha). I also enjoy electronics, chemistry and math.
  5. I have two black belts. Tae Kwon Do and Karate. I think I like pain. Current fascination is yoga, but I really wish my YMCA offered a non-Tai Chi martial art. Tai Chi makes me stabby. I want to hit things.
  6. I have a strangely beneficial nervous habit. I pace, which is where most of my story ideas come from. Nervous energy seems to stimulate my imagination. So if I’m pacing, I’m probably writing my next story in my head. Eventually, I’ll calm down enough to actually write it.
  7. I dislike cars and public transit. I will walk up to 45 minutes and bike up to an hour in each direction to avoid needing to take it. I only have a learner’s permit, so I don’t drive much. I don’t mind driving, but I hate traffic. Driving is boring. Biking is fun and active, kind of like pacing.

Now I need to nominate five people for these awards. Do I know five people? Hmm.

Jason Darrick – He nominated me for my last award, and I’m going to return the favor. He’s an all around sweet guy, single father who writes really scary stuff.

Shana Hammaker – She’s a rebel with no blog, but I bet she can come up with way more than 7 interesting facts about herself. Plus, she write short thrillers, which we all know are the best thing ever.

Malcom Sexsmith – Although we have nothing in common writing-wise (I write zombies, he writes erotica. No touching vs. lots of touching) he’s a pretty cool guy.

AG – I am nominating stick figure picture man, because I can. His blog is funny, too. 🙂

Number 5 goes to anonymous. I need to make more friends with blogs. Or start lying about the rules. Okay, it goes to April again. Hahaha April.



Minions of Misery – My dark film, book and secret

Uh oh! I’ve been selected as a Minion of Misery, and as such I have to oblige the darkness by writing about: A dark book, a dark film, and a dark secret.

I already know who nominated me as one of the minions of misery (Jason Darrick) and now I must do my best to write about these three dark subjects. I guess serving the dark lady of misery won’t be so bad after all.

A Dark Book:

The Picture of Dorian Grey

The Picture of Dorian Grey

This is a book I’ve read several times. In fact, this is the exact same cover as my copy. While probably not “horror,” the premise is certainly horrifying. The idea of one’s dark deeds and the culmination of your life and history being imprinted on a canvas kept hidden is certainly dark. Darker still would be a lot of the themes in this. Life itself seems to mean nothing, and hedonism is the rule. Life imitates art, indeed.

A Dark film:

Event Horizon

Event Horizon

I first saw this when I was 16 or 17. It still gives me nightmares. However, watching this movie broke some shred of tender naivety in me, and pushed me towards a more focused image on the macabre. It reminded me a lot of being alone in my dad’s house – a giant Queen Anne style house. It was out small town’s first hospital, and it always felt like something was watching me in there. Several of my friends were afraid to sleep over. Supposedly, the rumors in town were that the basement was full of dead babies or something similarly retarded. Having spent many hours hiding from the world in that basement, I can attest that there were no dead babies down there.

The eerie quiet of that house was enough to make you go mad, though.

A dark secret:

I have a notebook full of these. They’re like candy.

For a long time, I’ve suffered from nightmares. All kinds of nightmares. Sometimes, even while half-awake. They just kind of pull you in. I go through spells, usually when I’m under a lot of stress, or my life becomes chaotic/collapses around me. I have a dream journal somewhere, from around when my dad died when I was 16. That was some demented writing, probably some good story plots if I can dig it out.

Sometimes, it’s every night for weeks. It was tearing my life apart earlier this year; there’s nothing like reliving your deepest fears and worst moments of your life every night for weeks.

Then, I started writing Locked In. The nightmares evaporated, like I was able to channel all that pain, fear and horrible memories onto the paper, and to give my demons a life and resolution of their own. Locked In, to me, was all about helplessness. How I had been helpless for much of my life, unable to protect myself from those who tormented me, and powerless to stop my dad from dying a horrible death from lung cancer (I was his only caretaker). Locked Out was about lost causes and a world that shatters around you.

I don’t think I’ve had a single nightmare since Locked Out completed. I guess it’s a silly secret, admitting to having crippling nightmares at 27 just doesn’t seem all that edgy.

I get to nominate three new minions, I’m told. So, I’m nominating AprilRDenton and AG. Number three can nominate themselves or something because I can’t think of anyone else.

Fall approaches, and I have a haiku dedicated to me.

I’m going to do these in order. The haiku stuff is at the bottom.

Fall is here. It’s that time of year when I spend 20+ hours/week in the kitchen. I make preserves, apple crisp and great fresh food. I’ve been documenting some of my recipes and thoughts on my Youtube channel. My latest cooking video was about tomato canning. This same video also is compelling me to step up my weight loss inititives. I know the camera adds 10 pounds and all, but yeesh. Extreme cooking is exercise, right? (Especially when it all goes into jars and you don’t even get to eat it!). My awesome neighbor just dropped off a few pounds of fresh plums from her sister’s tree. I think plum jelly is in the works.

I’m trying to teach myself javascript, to increase my skill set. Maybe soul-destroying sales jobs won’t be the only places who find my resume interesting if I add yet more non-sales skills. is lame like that.

Locked Out is doing great, it’s already overtaken Locked In‘s record sales week, and it’s only Thursday. I’m so in awe of all the support and enthusiasm my friends and family have for the Zombie Bedtime Stories project. I intend to keep delivering! Deadlocked is nearing it’s gory and catastrophic conclusion, and then it’s time for yet another perspective.

Now, a lovely twitter friend and fellow #Zweepette (kind of a code for girl who really likes zombies) made a haiku for me, because it’s Friday (for her, not quite for me yet) and because I’m awesome. The pickle juice drinking is in reference to this video.

And, for the haiku:


The best haiku ever

Locked Out released!

It was a long, drawn out battle. Lines were drawn, in blood-red ink. Edits were made, and the piece was put through the most rigorous scrutiny I could manage.

Now that you’re all done laughing at me, let me present some links where you can buy it, because I’m helpful like that. You know you want to it.



I greatly hope you enjoy the second installment of the Zombie Bedtime Stories series. The saga continues with Deadlocked, anticipated late October 2011.

Sneak peek: Chapter one of Locked Out

Locked Out will be coming to an internet near you Monday. So, why not show off chapter one, just to whet the appetite a little.

And now, I give you chapter one of Zombie Bedtime Stories, part two. I recommend reading Locked In first, but there are no real spoilers and the stories are pretty much interchangeable as far as series chronology goes. You might even recognize some people.

Locked Out Cover

Zombie Bedtime Stories: Locked Out

Doctor Anna Lewis sighed. Her blond hair was bound in a too-tight bun that made her scalp ache, and freckles sparkled on her pale skin below her hazel eyes. She was closer to forty than she’d like to admit, but she maintained the boundless, youthful energy needed to do her job. She administrated a small, underfunded and understaffed infectious disease research center had been ordered to take on an important, top priority project. She waited in her small, utilitarian office for the courier who would bring the samples and briefing. The morning sun peeked through the window behind her, illuminating the room and the specs of dust floating in the air. Anna was annoyed at the request and the strain it would put on her staff. She wondered if they would have to work double shifts and overtime. Anna didn’t know why they couldn’t handle the problem at the much newer facility in the capital. She’d heard there was a riot there, but it was doubtful that a riot would affect the efficiency of a world-class laboratory.

She busied herself with endless paperwork, signing off on purchases, reviewing grant applications and various proposals concerned with expanding the facility. She had been in charge of the facility for just under a year. It had been a significant career advancement for Anna not only because it was a prestigious posting, but because Anna was early into her career as a researcher. She attributed most of her success to the brain drain—many capable scientists had already left the country for greener pastures and bigger research grants. Willful ignorance and resentment towards the scientific community didn’t do much to encourage the remaining scientists to stay. She was anxious to find out what this mysterious new project was, and if her labs were up to the challenge.

The sound of a phone cut through her concentration. It was the receptionist’s extension.

“Hello Lucy, are they here?”

“Yes, Dr. Lewis. They’re setting up in the conference room,” the girl answered with a hint of tension in her voice. The formal language she used was strange and uncomfortable.

“I’m on my way, thanks Lucy.” She got up from the simple wooden desk and locked her computer. A bookshelf dominated the other side of the room—a relic from the past. Anna filled her bookshelf with obsolete text books. She liked to imagine what the golden age of Western science was like, and having a bookshelf laden with reference books seemed like a quintessential part of capturing the experience. For actual reference she used a body heat powered reader that could fold into her pocket. Some paintings decorated the walls, and notes were stuck to every available surface close to her desk. She checked her hair on the way out, making sure her tight blonde bun hadn’t frayed and straightened her black framed glasses. She regretted her decision to forego wearing make-up. Freckles stood out along the bridge of her nose. She snatched her notepad and pen from the bookshelf and headed for the conference room. Unfamiliar voices trickled down the hallway, and she heard the buzz and whine of hand-held radios.

Turning the corner, she missed a step as she took in the group of uniformed men. She recognized their green army uniforms, and was taken aback by the crates of equipment, sealed samples and the glare of sunlight that shone through the usually sealed outer doors. Lucy was overwhelmed by the volume of equipment and personnel coming in. Her attempts to keep up with the requisitions and signing off on new equipment were frantic and rushed. A few researchers had ventured out of their offices and simply watched the spectacle, mouths agape. A tall, solidly built man with a powerful jawline and a graying crew cut approached her and extended a hand. Deep lines ran down his face and crow’s feet framed his deep blue eyes.

“Doctor Lewis? I’m Major Cartwright. I apologize for commandeering your facility, but time is of the essence and I think you’ll agree about the urgency after I brief you.” The words were spoken with a trained confidence, but his rapid presentation belied his anxiety.

“You’re turning my facility upside-down, I hope it’s for a good cause,” she said, to keep the interaction cordial and maintain control over the situation. He motioned her into the conference room.

She sank into a high-backed chair while the major fiddled with his laptop, connecting it to their often-difficult projector. There was a pile of adapters next to him. That projector was almost 20 years old, but she hadn’t been able to acquire the funding to replace it, or the rest of their decaying computer equipment. Her lead researchers, balding and white-haired Dr. Grant and the spindly Dr. Evans filed into the room, taking seats on the opposite side of the oval table. The old projector finally flickered on, revealing a paused slideshow.

“I imagine you’re wondering why we’ve taken over your labs. Well, we have a situation on our hands. If you’ve been listening to the news, no doubt you’ve heard about the riots in the capital.” He straightened, pressing a key on the keyboard. A grisly scene played on the screen. Hordes of bloody, battered forms fought with police and soldiers, shaking off any blows and injuries while continuing to advance. “Truth is, this is no political rally. These people are out of control, and we need to determine the cause. The capital has been shut down and is being evacuated, but the surrounding cities are beginning to report incidents of random, yet intense violence.” Major Cartwright stood silent as the disturbing scene looped endlessly on the wall. Anna stared and struggled to process the gruesome, visceral visuals.

“So why us? Where do we come into this?” Anna felt obligated to speak. She needed answers, to glean sense from that scene cut straight from a horror movie. “You have negotiators, police and guns. We research diseases and catalog new microbes.”

“Good question. The answer is, we can’t negotiate. Every single person we’ve managed to capture has been violent and completely uncommunicative.” The major’s brow furrowed as he drew in a deep breath. Dr. Grant fidgeted in his high-backed chair; audible squeaks broke the long pause. “What’s more, is that every time we’ve taken somebody into custody, we’ve lost control of the facility within twenty-four hours. This suggests to my superiors that this is more than a sudden wave of intense political indoctrination.”

Anna stood up and glared at the man. “So you’re saying we’re looking for an evil bug that makes people go crazy?” The idea was absurd. Anna knew there had to be some kind of logical explanation.

Major Cartwright pushed a button on his remote, and the video loop transitioned into a grotesque photograph. Limbs were strewn across the ground, flesh flayed from the bones. A torso contained by a green fully-intact Kevlar vest lay nearby, head still connected. The right side of the man’s throat was torn open, strips of skin pulled from his face, giving the appearance of a grotesque mask. Burned bodies littered the background.  Anna sank into her chair, and fought down the bile in her throat. Dr. Evans spun her chair to the garbage, and threw up. Dr. Grant sat, mute and transfixed. “What happened there?” the old man asked.

“This was the capital late yesterday afternoon, taken from an evacuation point at an elementary school. This man’s injuries were caused by unarmed civilians; some of them children,” he paused. “I will remind you that tearing off limbs is a feat of strength beyond the abilities of most people.”

“Why do the news reports say that there are riots going on, if this is the reality of the situation?” Something didn’t add up, and she wanted to know why.

“To prevent panic, we’ve limited information about the situation. We don’t have all the facts. We needed to clear out the downtown core in a hurry, but everyone in the suburbs are being asked to stay indoors. The phone lines are down and fires are breaking out. We don’t know what we’re up against.”

“Something doesn’t seem right about all of this. When did it start? Where’s the first case?”

“The first reported cases were two days ago. They were isolated incidents, random violent attacks. The subjects were very difficult to apprehended and control. From the few first responders we were able to interview, we learned the subjects were completely irrational and even attacked those close to them. They also appeared to be immune to non-lethal defense methods. One man claimed that he saw one of them get hit by a Taser with no reaction at all.” Major Grant flipped off the projector. Anna could still see the grisly image in the back of her mind. She realized that if it was biological, it would make her career. If it wasn’t, this would all be for nothing.

“We’ll go with that. So, what goodies did you bring for us?” Anna asked with an irreverent smile. Prim Dr. Evans shook her head in disapproval.

The major smiled for the first time, revealing straight, white teeth. His sharp blue eyes locked with hers. “Right to the fun stuff? I can deal with that. We’ve brought samples straight from the front lines, and some refrigeration units for said samples. I hope you weren’t attached to your cafeteria, my technicians are overhauling it as we speak.”

“My lunch was in there. What kind of samples are we talking about?” she suspected she knew the answer, but wanted to be sure.

The smile melted from Major Cartwright’s face, his jaw settled into a practiced hardness. “Bodies.”


You’ll get the rest on September 5, 2011.