Questions for quIRK blog hop winner!

In order to build some excitement for my debut novel, Sanity Vacuum, my partner in crime Courtney Worth Young and I threw a blog hop. Now, I’m about to announce the long-awaited, celebrated winner of the grand prize.

First, let’s roll that cover again.

Sanity Vacuum


And, the winning question belongs to James Wymore! What did he ask?

Well, James just happened upon the entire theme of the second novel with no foreknowledge whatsoever. So, he wins extra-big there.

The question: What is the role of freedom in obtaining happiness?

It’s deep. It’s pertinent to daily life. I love it.

Congratulations, James!

The Buccaneer Blogfest!


I love pirates. Space pirates, sea pirates, awesome pirates, ass pirates. I’m not going to elaborate on what exactly an ass pirate is, but it’s a pirate so it’s all good. Thus, when presented with singular opportunity to become a blogging buccaneer, I said “arrr” a few times and signed up. I am far too immature for this, and should stick to zombies, obviously. Until the viking blogfest rolls into town (hint, hint).

Now, a bit about me.

I’m a lifelong nerd, and a lover of science (I’m finishing off a physics degree), I enjoy (good) science fiction, fantasy, horror and for some reason find most thrillers unspeakably boring. Unless a movie falls into the “so bad it’s awesome” category, I probably don’t care to watch it (I do dig anything with a feminist/historical/civil rights bent, though.) I’m really not a TV person in general. Notable exceptions: Star Trek, Doctor Who and recently Dexter. I liked Rome too, because Rome is/was awesome. I’m also a crazy chef, love making preserves from my vegetable garden and crochet is the best in winter.

I live with my awesome but extremely talkative boyfriend, my two cats (Pip + Bonk) and his two cats (Zeus + Milo). I like frogs. Music-wise, I enjoy metal. My favorite bands are: KMFDM, The Birthday Massacre, Rammstein and in my geekier moments I love Rhapsody of Fire. I also like the sub genre called Viking Metal for reasons relating to awesomeness and men in war paint.

As for my blog, it’s mostly my place to write about my writing. I post about my video reviews, progress on my WIPs and other various good news that comes my way. If I release something, I post a first chapter, and a cover reveal. This blog has been a little neglected lately, but I’m hoping to breathe some new life into it.

You can find all my various social medial links on my Contact page.

Sadly, because I’m on WordPress, I can’t post the linky code, but rest assured, you can reach the rest of the blog hop by visiting Sharon Bayliss and her sweet blog.

The Zombie Bedtime Stories blog tour continues with a stop at Chaos and Insanity

The wonderful Coral Moore over at Chaos and Insanity was kind enough to interview me as part of the Zombie Bedtime Stories blog tour.

Head on over, see what I have to say about zombies, writing and more zombies.If zombies aren’t your thing, Coral has some excellent insights on werewolves and shape-shifters.

PS. Bedlam, part 4 of Zombie Bedtime Stories, is looking good.

The Zombie Bedtime Stories blog tour has begun! Today’s host: @onthebird

That’s right, I just did my first guest blog post!

I discussed the Anatomy of a Zombie Story at onthebird, the home of John Abramowitz, author of the zombie legal thriller Atticus for the Undead. Are you intrigued? I know I sure am!

Drop by, see what goes into my super-scientific zombie story formula before I patent it, and tell John that Thea sent you. 🙂