The Zombie Bedtime Stories blog tour has ended

I’m so sad to see it go. The tour went out with a bang!

I discussed humor and the Zombie Bedtime Stories with Rick Gualtieri on his blog.

I explained how even the mundane act of preparing meat and food can be an inspiration for horror, with fellow woman zombie writer Alyn Day.

I was also included on Stant Litore’s Your Zombie Bookshelf feature, where I undertook one of the most rigorous literary exercises since college English class. I am in excellent company there, it’s worth a second (and third!) look.

It was a great tour. I made a crochet zombie, answered many, many interviews and I had a grand old time. I’m not sure when I’ll do my next one, more than likely after Sanity Vacuum comes out.

The Zombie Bedtime Stories blog tour has begun! Today’s host: @onthebird

That’s right, I just did my first guest blog post!

I discussed the Anatomy of a Zombie Story at onthebird, the home of John Abramowitz, author of the zombie legal thriller Atticus for the Undead. Are you intrigued? I know I sure am!

Drop by, see what goes into my super-scientific zombie story formula before I patent it, and tell John that Thea sent you. 🙂