My reviews are going to be published July 1! Yay!

I’m giddy. The magazine I’m interning for is going to run some of my reviews in their July 2011 issue. I’ve got three items sent to them. One is about an anarchist event, another is about tonight’s play any I’m about to get ready for and the last is an interview with the woman behind the play.

Getting into a magazine is pretty exciting. It seems like it’s a good starting place, and it’s doing wonders for my confidence.June 15 due date. I can do it!

I started planning out my Locked In continuation. So far the story is five parts, possibly longer as I feel inspired. I think I’ll do some shorter bits that are set in the same universe. They won’t directly add to the Locked In storyline, but they’re still unusual scenarios that should make good flash and short fiction. I’d say I’m planning spin-offs, but the word spin-off seems to cheapen the idea a little.I’ve already begun to write Locked Out, and I’m avoiding a lot of the problems that infuriated me (and provoked continuing edits) of Locked In.

Working titles are Locked Out, Deadlocked, Lock and Load and Locked Up. I’m trying to use the word “lock” in the titles for a sense of continuity and a variation on a theme. I’m running out of Lock/-lock words and phrases. Flintlock? Landlocked? Sounds like zombie pirates or something similarly awesome.

I’ll call it stand-alone-stand-aside non-conventional zombie fiction.

I’m going to need bigger business cards.

Another Interview, I need to do these more often

This summer I’m interning as a backbeat reporter for The Warehouse, and one of my assignments is to review the play 8 Ways My Mother Was Conceived at its Saturday premiere. I managed to score an interview with the girl in charge on the one-woman show. I’m not sure when it will be published, but I am so stoked about the play. I love theater, and I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing a one-man show before.

I’m working on some real content for my blog, other than news flashes and rambling. I’m going to write a little in the upcoming days about how to transition from reviewing to writing fiction. There are many skills and techniques that cross over, and a few pitfalls to avoid. I also hope to get back to podcasting and back on a routine.


Podcasts, my sexy, sexy voice and catchup

Working weekends bring me back to my time studying physics. The 8+ hours of studying/cramming/grinding and that fuzzy brain feeling mixed with hyperactivity from sitting still too long. I have since managed to kick the caffeine, so at least I’ll be able to keep a normal bedtime. I shouldn’t complain too much. If this project goes through I will be catapulting myself out of the ranks of the underemployed.

I played around with my audio recorder to check podcast potential because I usually just do interviews for transcribing and I wanted something better than my Blackberry. I have an Olympus DM-520 Digital Stereo voice recorder. I am blown away by the audio quality in a quiet room. It seems that I’m setup for some amazing audio books. Hopefully some of mine will wind down or conclude so I can get started. For some inexplicable reason, this recorder makes my voice sound really, really good. Lower quality recordings can make me sound squeaky, or worse, like a 5 year old, but I seem to be firmly set in the adult range. I’ve also determined that I can read the most disgusting, hilarious stuff aloud with no stuttering or inappropriate laughter. (It helps if you re-read the problem bits once of twice before you make the recording pass. Again, another great thing about my recorder is that I can seamlessly pause.)

So, podcasts and audio books are on! It’s going to be awesome!

Tomorrow is massive review catchup. I have two due Tuesday, and Tuesday morning I’m going to an advance screening of a movie that may prove to be very exciting and is very hyped. I’m happy, I usually don’t get the good ones (unless they only show at 10am, then I get them.)

I can start writing again.

All work and no play means no writing and no podcasts

Intense working weekend. Them’s the breaks when your deadline gets surprise upped by a few days on you. I was hoping to spew more of Locked Out, but it seems like that will have to wait. It’s so lame when the whole story clicks in your head and you’re just too busy to get to it.

I should have more time after Monday-ish. I have some rad ideas for good blog posts. My brain is mush right now. It’s not even zombie food.

I’m thinking of getting into podcasting. My years of soul-crushing sales and call center jobs tell me that I have an amazing voice. I should use it for something that’s not soul-crushing for once. I’m thinking of making audiobooks of my stories, and doing some good old fashioned talking.

Right now I’m so overloaded that I can’t deal with all my creative influx. I did start a twitter, it appears to be good for you. I have more zombie channels than friends. Love me, love my twitter!

As of Wednesday I should be back to my normal schedule. I hope my neovellas are still waiting for me when I get back. I miss you sweet bodily-substance spewing little jerks. Want to help me write horrific things? Check out the following two links before I finish both stories myself:

Bobby the Incontinent Space Cadet

Buster the Effeminate Cucumber Farmer Looks like it picked up again. I know what I’m off to do, and it’s not going to be pretty, but it’s going to be fun! I should be working on some outstanding reviews, but I just don’t want to. Maybe I can podcast the neovellas, that might rock if I could keep a straight face.

Outlines and picking up new gigs

I’ve noticed that I put a lot of my thoughts down in a notebook before I ever open the word processor. For some reason, having it there, handwritten, makes the idea seem real, and more mine. Writing is probably more psychological than most people understand. Having the concepts written down makes come points more solid, and the really irrelevant fluff fall aside. It might be a matter of perspective.

I’ve been working on picking up some new gigs. My primary gig is not exciting for me anymore, for reasons that are probably unprofessional for me to elaborate on. I can write and not be paid for it with infinitely less frustration than I have now, so why stay?

I’m already getting run in my new gig/internship as of June 1, and I even get to pick my assignments. It’s time to branch out. I deserve exposure, and I want to write my stories and books while doing my gigs in a positive environment.

Third draft done. Bring on the fourth

I finally got it inputted. Finally. I agreed with most of the changes I made, and even threw in a few others. It reads much more smoothly and is more involving.

I started laying down the outline for June’s story. It just might be something.

I have come to the conclusion that I may, in fact, be demented. I am completely okay with this. Nothing beats coming up with the most depraved supernatural romance ever. It is possibly also the only dark romance I’d want to actually read. There’s also nothing like zombie stories to make you question your own sanity.

Life’s just more fun when you learn to love being insane.

Internship approved my idea. I’m so happy. It’s time to write about some anarchy!

Now, time to whip out the red pen of doom and finish this.

More Gardening, and the new computer emerges!

I got a bunch of plants into the garden. Funny how simple planting can be, compared to the rest of life. It feels pretty good. Next weekend will be tomatoes. Lots of tomatoes. I should start a gardening and cooking blog.

Lots of work today. I sent in my first proposal for my writing internship. I have yet to hear back, I’m hoping for good things.The also sent something my way, so I need to get in touch with somebody. More theater! I have a film review and a concert review coming up as well, I will post links as soon as they’re live, of course.

I managed to build two computers over the weekend. My older computer has become a linux machine for my eternal linux hobby and fascination. I already had my laptop for that, but you can’t beat the charm of a desktop. I just want to know what the hell Ubuntu was thinking with its new user interface. It’s clunky, awful and inspiring me to switch to Fedora or SUSE. I always did like the Red Hat flavours, back in the day.

The new computer is pretty great. I resent Windows 7 for existing, but in the end the switch is probably good for me. My old Vista build was unstable. But I need to spend a lot more time neutering Win7 into something I can stand to look at. I do most of my creative writing in linux. I find the positive feelings I have towards the open source movement to be inspiring, and it feels cool to say I work in OpenOffice or (now) LibreOffice.

I was born to be a rebel. And I need to finish my damn draft before my revolution grinds to a halt.

More geek news, I have an AOC Android tablet courtesy of my darling boyfriend. I love my toys, and this one is utterly fascinating. I’ve never been able to indulge my technological lust this much before, and he can get the coolest toys.

In other news, I beat Portal 2 after making it last. I can’t believe how it ended. I still question my sanity.

The one short story per month challenge!

I’ve decided to challenge myself to write one short story per calendar month. I want to gain experience writing fiction from many perspectives, and this seems like a good way to not only get my creative juices flowing, but also to work up to writing something of novel length.

Speaking of novels, I have some awesome ideas, but I want to be able to do them justice.

In other news, a database I work on is growing nicely, and I may even have another interesting outlet for it. I got that consulting job I was talking about late last week. It seems there is a lot of good opportunities there to move up and grow. I worked for them in the past, but rather than reprise my role as Business Development Manager, I’m to be a Product Development Manager. I wonder if this is a title side-grade or an upgrade. As long as the pay is good and lets me keep working on my writing, as well as not interfere with my quality of life, it’s all good.

Little coming up on the reviewing horizon other than a punk show sometime in May, as well as some rock/metal album for the end of May. Still waiting for that internship to get back to me. I hate waiting.

With regards to the short stories, I’m hoping to have my first one out for reading/viewing pleasure in early/mid May.

What does Portal 2, hot yoga and internships have in common?

Short answer: They are all awesome.

I woke up early. Despite its early launch, Portal2 refused to run in the wee hours of the morning, and I love sleep. The anticipation woke me up bright and early, and I devoted about 100 minutes to playing. It was simply amazing, but I had work to do and reviews to write, especially if I was going to make the afternoon community yoga class. Needless to say, Portal 2 good. Well worth it so far, and I’m going to make the time to get more into it further pre-weekend. Traditional workday gaming seems unprofessional, even if I’m self-employed and have been known to regularly put hours in on weekends.

Hot yoga was slightly suffocating. I’ve been missing out the past few weeks because of schedule conflicts, and it was 90 minutes of sweaty exhaustion. The incredible endorphin high afterwords is worth it, especially when I got the good news…

A print-magazine internship I had applied for almost a month ago, and had interviewed for two weeks ago and presumed filled contacted me. Now, they didn’t offer me the internship I had applied for (executive assistant), but rather, something more suited to my strengths. I’ve been offered an internship as a backbeat reporter for the festival season. This means I’ll go to events and write really detailed backstories and reviews on them.

All this the day after I write about my disillusionment with reviewing. This won’t be my usual 300-500 word requirement while trying to say only nice things review. This just got real! I’m still going to carry on with my current reviewing gig as well, because it’s still crazy fun, and I like getting into movies/plays/shows for free.

So, life awesome, hot yoga attempting boyfriend too cool for words (but slightly singed), and things are looking good for seeing my work in print.

On the creative front, I’m trying to figure out a realistic schedule for writing short stories. I’m thinking two per month, or one ever three weeks or so is a good target. The trouble is inspiration. Many of my short story ideas come from dreams, and I have an incredible amount of zombie dreams.

Zombies are cool and all (perhaps overused?), but I need to request a new form nightmare.