Questions for quIRK blog hop winner!

In order to build some excitement for my debut novel, Sanity Vacuum, my partner in crime Courtney Worth Young and I threw a blog hop. Now, I’m about to announce the long-awaited, celebrated winner of the grand prize.

First, let’s roll that cover again.

Sanity Vacuum


And, the winning question belongs to James Wymore! What did he ask?

Well, James just happened upon the entire theme of the second novel with no foreknowledge whatsoever. So, he wins extra-big there.

The question: What is the role of freedom in obtaining happiness?

It’s deep. It’s pertinent to daily life. I love it.

Congratulations, James!

Book review: The Green-Eyed Monster by Mike Robinson

I was asked to review Mike Robinson’s new book “The Green-Eyed Monster.” It’s a paranormal horror/mystery that twists through the interlinked lives of two men: Martin Smith and John Becker.

This is a mystery laced with metaphysical and philosophical questions. You start off at the end–the final battle in the war between two competing giants. Much of the rest of the book is presented in flash-back, where the characters who had been influenced by the tendrils of chaos that emanate from the two boys tell their story.

The two main stories are those of Mrs. Chatsworth, their first grade teacher, and Harry Zweig, a classmate of theirs. This makes up the real meat of the book. Each character had a distinctive voice, and even though you knew in advance what happened to them, their stories were fascinating. They felt like real people–or as real as possible when their reality is rapidly approaching insane. These stories take up the majority of the book, which is good, because they’re what I most enjoyed.

The monster/philosophical part never takes concrete form–the “grandfather” can always been identified by his butterflies, but he seldom communicates directly with the characters. What is interesting is how both Becker and Smith appear to be two halves of the same soul–their books are almost identical, as are their life stories. They don’t really seem human–too lost in some other world to interact with the other characters well. It makes them seem mysterious and a little dangerous–especially after Mrs. Chattsworth’s story is told.

In short, don’t accept favors from anyone’s grandfather. Ever. Bad idea.

quIRK #SanityVacuum Contest Hop

Sanity Vacuum is coming soon (tomorrow!) and I’m announcing a blog hop. But first, I’m going to give a big shout-out thank you to Courtney Worth Young for not only helping me set this up, but donating part of the prize! Also, she’s helping me host a super-cool twitter party (details at bottom).

The rules are simple: you need to answer the following question on your blog, and sign up for the linky so I can find it:

Q: If you could ask a quIRK, the supercomputer, ANY QUESTION in the universe, what would it be? Why?

The prize:

  1. A gifted copy of Sanity Vacuum, donated by Courtney
  2. The winning question will appear in book two of The ABACUS Protocol, The Pandora Machine.

Happy Hopping! The contest will run through December 12 and the winner will be announced on Monday December 17th. Good luck all!


WE WILL BE PARTYING ON TWITTER DEC 6, 2012 FROM 8:00pm – 11:00pm EST using the hashtag #sanityvacuum. Prizes will be given to random participants every 30 minutes! Make sure to join us! I recommend using Tweetchat to keep up with the conversation. It’s simple, free, and you won’t miss a second of the Q&A, revelry or debauchery.