Some stories just write themselves

While in proofreader purgatory, I’ve started out on two new stories. One is Locked Out, which I’m pretty happy with how it’s proceeding. The main character really comes through clearly today. I like her. She’s strong and professional with a realistic case of self-doubt.

The other story (maybe even a novel) is going to be the most twisted love story I can come up with. This pretty much assures me that it will be high quality nightmare fuel. The main character is an outcast dreamer who is very vulnerable. It’s kind of funny how all of my heroines contrast each other. They’re all so different, and they probably wouldn’t get along with each other if you put them all into a room together.

I went out and wrote on my laptop in the grass today, until the neighbor’s kids came out and ruined the ambiance. It’s not their fault, but I really can’t work on anything with screaming and crying toddlers within earshot. The sun felt great, and I was pretty productive.

It was a good day for working, too, but that’s not really interesting to write about. At least I have lots of material for my short story challenge.