More Gardening, and the new computer emerges!

I got a bunch of plants into the garden. Funny how simple planting can be, compared to the rest of life. It feels pretty good. Next weekend will be tomatoes. Lots of tomatoes. I should start a gardening and cooking blog.

Lots of work today. I sent in my first proposal for my writing internship. I have yet to hear back, I’m hoping for good things.The also sent something my way, so I need to get in touch with somebody. More theater! I have a film review and a concert review coming up as well, I will post links as soon as they’re live, of course.

I managed to build two computers over the weekend. My older computer has become a linux machine for my eternal linux hobby and fascination. I already had my laptop for that, but you can’t beat the charm of a desktop. I just want to know what the hell Ubuntu was thinking with its new user interface. It’s clunky, awful and inspiring me to switch to Fedora or SUSE. I always did like the Red Hat flavours, back in the day.

The new computer is pretty great. I resent Windows 7 for existing, but in the end the switch is probably good for me. My old Vista build was unstable. But I need to spend a lot more time neutering Win7 into something I can stand to look at. I do most of my creative writing in linux. I find the positive feelings I have towards the open source movement to be inspiring, and it feels cool to say I work in OpenOffice or (now) LibreOffice.

I was born to be a rebel. And I need to finish my damn draft before my revolution grinds to a halt.

More geek news, I have an AOC Android tablet courtesy of my darling boyfriend. I love my toys, and this one is utterly fascinating. I’ve never been able to indulge my technological lust this much before, and he can get the coolest toys.

In other news, I beat Portal 2 after making it last. I can’t believe how it ended. I still question my sanity.

Unproductive, nonproductive, antiproductive

I’d classify myself along the lines of “nonproductive” today. I’m just not doing any formal work. I’m not self-sabotaging, which I’d say would be antiproductive, but I’m not trying and failing either.

My main work computer is being plagued by problematic freezes and crashes. I fear becoming reliant on my laptop for essential work, because my wide screen dual monitors are pretty essential to a lot of what I do. I did it before without them, but it is very inefficient. Although, arguably, my laptop is technologically superior to my desktop, I still like to keep “work” and “writing” segmented.

My boyfriend is on the cusp of putting together his own dream computer. Hopefully this issue will resolve itself when I inherit his old machine and I turn this one into the Linux box of my dreams.

Played more Portal 2 last night, I’m blown away by how amazing it is. I’ve been trying to make it last, because I blew through Portal and felt sad when it was over.