Neovella, audiobooked.

I did a test run of Bobby the Incontinent Space Cadet. I recorded the first 5 pages as a bit of a precursor, and because the story isn’t quite finished yet. Is a Neovella ever really finished? I’m already getting perverse ideas for the next masterpiece.

Anonymously-obsessed boyfriend believes he can smooth out my couple of stutters and put the entire story into one file once the story is done and I record it.

Have a listen on my new PodBean account. New? Because I don’t want to pay WordPress $20/year to be able to upload mp3s, that’s why.

Warning: If the title doesn’t give the content away, you deserve to be horrified.

Link to Audio and description.
Moving right along.
I’ve been having some other good fun. I made some sketches for a neat zombie survival guide with a discernible twist. I don’t want to say more, for now. I went for my notes on Locked Out, and grabbed my sketchbook, which was on top and just begging to be filled with awesome little stick-men zombies.
Yes, I draw stick men. They’re coming for you.
Humerous tidbit: Duke Nukem Forever is coming out. I was dumb enough to wait 12 years, decide on Portal 2 for my new-game-of-the-quarter purchase. Buying Portal 2 doesn’t make me dumb. Believing in DNF for 12 years makes me dumb.

Back to normal, time to write about zombies!

Things are getting back to normal, finally. It seems already that my insane week of crazy working and weekend work was not in vain. Hopefully, I will know soon.

Tomorrow I want to get back to my writing, and record some audio too. It’s time to catch up on what really matters – the story! Some edits may happen too, waiting on critiques and stuff.

It’s time to really get into June’s story – Locked Out. July’s story’s working title: Deadlocked

August and beyond may be a departure from the zombie theme. It depends on my mood at the time. I might try something radically different to prevent being locked into a genre of my own making.

Didn’t get bullied into resuming D&D campaign. I have too much on my plate anyways. I suppose Knucklebuckles the pervy gnome’s resurrection shall have to wait.

Neovella, the most fun I’ve had in a while.

Today whilst ambling through an online forum I discovered Neovella, a very cool site that lets you take turns collaboratively writing stories with others. Myself, anonymously-obsessed-boyfriend and Trish, another writing buddy jumped on the bandwagon.

Wanting to do something absolutely hilarious and possibly (as of this writing absolutely) disgusting, I started a story called Bobby the Incontinent Space Cadet. Most viewers will find it disturbing. Clearly I never got over the poo jokes of my childhood.

It’s disturbed, but it’s genius. I love this site. Best tool ever to not take yourself too seriously. Especially since my serious work is getting a sweet facelift. I’ve learned a lot, and it will be better off for it.

This weekend is the Anarchist Bookfair. I’ve been told it’s good fun. Some geeky events, gardening, edits and creating the most freaked out weirdness possible with Neovella seems to be the plan for this weekend. Oh, and I have some products to design. I finally received some instructions so I may begin! Those government grants will never see it coming.

What does Portal 2, hot yoga and internships have in common?

Short answer: They are all awesome.

I woke up early. Despite its early launch, Portal2 refused to run in the wee hours of the morning, and I love sleep. The anticipation woke me up bright and early, and I devoted about 100 minutes to playing. It was simply amazing, but I had work to do and reviews to write, especially if I was going to make the afternoon community yoga class. Needless to say, Portal 2 good. Well worth it so far, and I’m going to make the time to get more into it further pre-weekend. Traditional workday gaming seems unprofessional, even if I’m self-employed and have been known to regularly put hours in on weekends.

Hot yoga was slightly suffocating. I’ve been missing out the past few weeks because of schedule conflicts, and it was 90 minutes of sweaty exhaustion. The incredible endorphin high afterwords is worth it, especially when I got the good news…

A print-magazine internship I had applied for almost a month ago, and had interviewed for two weeks ago and presumed filled contacted me. Now, they didn’t offer me the internship I had applied for (executive assistant), but rather, something more suited to my strengths. I’ve been offered an internship as a backbeat reporter for the festival season. This means I’ll go to events and write really detailed backstories and reviews on them.

All this the day after I write about my disillusionment with reviewing. This won’t be my usual 300-500 word requirement while trying to say only nice things review. This just got real! I’m still going to carry on with my current reviewing gig as well, because it’s still crazy fun, and I like getting into movies/plays/shows for free.

So, life awesome, hot yoga attempting boyfriend too cool for words (but slightly singed), and things are looking good for seeing my work in print.

On the creative front, I’m trying to figure out a realistic schedule for writing short stories. I’m thinking two per month, or one ever three weeks or so is a good target. The trouble is inspiration. Many of my short story ideas come from dreams, and I have an incredible amount of zombie dreams.

Zombies are cool and all (perhaps overused?), but I need to request a new form nightmare.