About Zombie Bedtime Stories

Zombie Bedtime Stories is a collection of short story and novella length fiction about a zombie apocalypse. What distinguishes it from the rest is that the story is told through many perspectives, almost all of which side-step the typical “survivor” trope. I don’t want to write about people whose fantasy and wet dream is to play real-life Left4Dead. I’m writing about people. People who are unprepared, people who don’t sleep with a shotgun and chainsaw under their pillow.

I hope to convey the shock, horror and helplessness of living in an unprepared world. The terror of realizing what’s going on, but only when it’s too late.

The Zombie Bedtime Stories series is here, and part 3 was released in December, 2012. Fifteen total stories are anticipated.

Zombie Bedtime Stories: Locked In (part 1)

Locked In Cover

Book Cover - Locked In

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0059AJIWM/ref=cm_sw_r_fa_dp_wYfeob0S7NX0R

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/70698



Haley, a junior paramedic, and her partner Frank respond to a call near her old high school. While on the scene, she is viciously attacked by her friend, a local homeless man.

After being sent home, strange symptoms and changes begin to appear. Will she be able to save herself, or will these symptoms lead to the end of her way of life?


  Haley threw up her arms as he made a lunge for her face. His unimaginable strength pitched them both to the ground. The blow winded her. Her eyes widened in alarm as she squirmed under his wizened form to keep his decaying teeth away from her flesh. His fetid breath was tinged with the scent of blood, the overwhelming stench burning into her lungs. Haley thought she was going to vomit. The three officers and Frank shouted as they struggled to gain control of the crazed man. Deafened by Buddy’s shrieks, the terror of the cacophony threatened to paralyze her. A Taser was drawn, but its discharge barely seemed to jolt Buddy, prompting a renewed flurry of attacks. Haley felt a discernible electric tingle pass through her own body, so she knew the device had worked, but on the wrong person. With this realization her thoughts became frantic and incoherent. As she felt her arms weaken from the exertion, she couldn’t help wondering if Buddy was drugged.

Reviews: (stars listed if the review site uses a rating system)

Life is a Journey review (5 stars)

Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife

Doubleshot reviews (5 stars)

Mercurial Musings

Zombie Bedtime Stories: Locked Out (part 2)

Locked Out Cover

Zombie Bedtime Stories: Locked Out


Following a wave of brutal and unexplained violence, Doctor Anna Lewis is charged with leading a team of scientists to find an explanation. What they discover shakes them to the core and causes them to question everything about their work and personal ethics. As their world descends into chaos, they struggle to continue their research in the face of a vicious, insatiable enemy.

Here’s a sample chapter


Doubleshot reviews (4 stars)

Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife


Zombie Bedtime Stories: Deadlocked (part 3)


Deadlocked cover


Frank watched his novice partner, Haley, get assaulted by one of her friends while they were on a call. After dropping her off at home to recover, Frank begins to realize that all is not as it should be. He investigates, only to be circumvented and blocked at every turn by authority figures insisting that it’s just the full moon. Convinced by the news that the recent waves of violence are mere riots, Frank goes about his day, only to find that their propaganda is very far removed from reality. Ultimately, Frank finds himself mired in a struggle to save his friends and himself from a bloodthirsty and unfathomable enemy.

Sample Chapter

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  1. […] different kind of zombie story, I jumped on it. The nightmares evaporated within days, and the name Zombie Bedtime Stories stuck. In the past, most of my creative efforts were D&D campaigns and backstories, so moving […]

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