Buccaneer Blogfest: Do Pirates and Social Media mix?

Of course they do! Social media is like the wide open sea–plenty to pillage, and even more to explore.

I love social media. I’ve met so many great, amazing friends on Twitter. I have no idea where I’d be without their patience, support and input. I wouldn’t have discovered CQ, or really been able to expand my horizons.

But, this is going to turn into a rant.

However, I do hate the spam. I’m infinitely more likely to buy a book of a person who bothers to talk to me, as opposed to the constant tweet spam I find in my news feed. I unfollowed the worst offenders a long time ago. I have a rule: if I memorize your tweets, you’re gone.

I never really got into Goodreads, their interface makes me swear and no link seems to take me to the same place twice. In theory it’s amazing, but I hate it.

I have a fan page on facebook, but for some reason other authors (ones I’ve never talked to or heard of!) all really, really want to be my friend-friend. No other form of networking will do. They probably do it so they can send my mom/family/friends book spam. Sorry buddies, my cat pictures are for people I know! Reader groups are fun, until the “you need to read my paranormal romance” comments come in.

Google+ looks like what my facebook would be if I friended authors. I go on, realize I’ve seen it all on Twitter, don’t care,  and leave for a few more months.

So… I love twitter. But as a whole, I admit that find a lot of what social media has become pretty annoying. I’m at the stage where I’m considering having a sacrifice account that gets all the follows and does the “nice” follow-back thing, allowing my real account to follow and converse with like-minded people.

Basically, we need to go privateer on those Tweetdeck loving spammers. A year ago, I found there was a lot more discourse, and the overall quality of content was bigger. Now it’s a flood of Triberr (another thing I’m starting to detest) and book links.

Where did the fun go? The connections? The friends?

I don’t think there’s an answer. There’s a ton of people out there who don’t get it. They never will get it. That’s alright, but I’m not following back.