It’s time for a Creepfest contest!

The Twelve Days of Creepfest have begun! For other locations in this spooky and sure to be epic blog hop, click on Poe’s nose–he likes it, really! But, before you do that, scroll down to find the entry rules of my own contest!


Creepfest lives! Click on his nose for more contests and chances at sweet, sweet prizes.


The dates!

December 13th Midnight PSTDecember 24th  Midnight PST

The Prizes

Grand prize: Smashwords coupons for the first three Zombie Bedtime Stories! Locked In, Locked out and Deadlocked (which will release during the 12 Days of Creepfest, how exciting!)

Other prizes: I will hold one-day short contests to win Smashwords coupons for Locked In and Locked Out individually. These will have separate rules and challenges from the main contest (If limericks aren’t your thing, then I’m sure something will appeal to you!)

My house rules for the Grand Prize!

  1. Like me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter (Preferably both, but I’m not picky!) If both of these are against your Internet religion, subscribe to my blog instead.
  2. In the comments, post a zombie-themed limerick. Note: It MUST follow limerick style. The link has many examples, and I will not consider other forms of poetry for the grand prize.
  3. I will contact winners by email, so make sure the email address you use to comment with is valid, and that you check it!

My terrible sample limerick:

I met a handsome dead fellow
His disposition was quite mellow
His return to life
Caused much strife
And I was found dead in a meadow

Okay, you can do way better than that. Make me laugh, cry or whimper in distress. Most of all, have fun and check out the other participating blogs!