The Zombie Response Team did an awesome podcast

The Zombie Response Team did a wonderful podcast today, focusing on an aspect of zombie defense that is very dear to me–defending my kitchen against zombie intruders. I hate it when they come barging into my kitchen, making all kinds of noise. It causes my rising bread to fail, and makes food burn.

Fortunately, they were kind enough to answer my questions about how to fight zombies using cookware.

Enjoy the podcast, and say hi to them. They’re such a lovely, well-informed team. I also totally dig their decals.

At long last, Deadlocked is finished, and a cute picture I drew

You heard it here, and maybe during my self-congratulatory tweets last night. Deadlocked‘s first draft is finally complete! I really struggled with this one, lots of stupid life-stress caused huge amounts of writer’s block. But, I crawled forward in 200-word blocks until the end, where a few more substantive writing sessions finally finished it.

Today, I’m going to be taking the Red Pen of Doom to this lovely manuscript, to fix the damage writing in 200-word segments can do, general coherence and to tighten up my descriptiveness and prose. Whatever prose really means.

In other news, The Zombie’s Bride is approaching 2500 downloads. That’s a nice number, but it seems to have little to no effect on sales. I’ll focus more on the main Zombie Bedtime Stories plot line for now, as I want Bedlam to be released by Christmas. This is, of course, barring extenuating circumstances, such as finding full-time work.

Finally, some artwork. My recently was able to get my hands on a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet courtesy of my boyfriend’s wonderful negotiation skills. After figuring out how to draw with it, and a crash self-taught course in Photoshop Elements, I came up with this little thing:



My cover artist‘s job is safe.

Lifetime Zombie Acheivements? For me?

Another day, another award. Again, this one comes from April. I am glad that she has the wisdom and foresight to recognize how much I have advanced the zombie cause in a few short months.

The rules for this award are very simple:

  1. If you are the recipient of this award and have dedicated at least one post in your blog to zombies, the undead or anything about the walking dead then you are truly one of the infected and have the power to award this gift to two other bloggers of your choice. Make a post announcing your utterly awesome achievement and name your two victims.
  2. If you are the recipient of this award and have NOT written anything about zombies in your blog then you must dedicate one post to nothing but zombies. A legit post. Not a “I hate zombies” or “Zombies rock” two paragraph announcement. A real post folks. I don’t care if it’s a story, news, a movie review, book review, creative fiction, or whatever. Entertain us! Once you have done so you will have officially infected the internet with more zombie goodness and can reward the gift to others. Make a post announcing your super fresh award and name your two victims.

I obviously fall into category #1. Determining why will be left as an exercise for the reader. I should totally write a textbook.

Now, for my two nominations:

AG – He’s funny, and I think he likes zombies. If he doesn’t then I will be sad, but still understand.

Shana – She’s dedicated more posts than I can imagine to Zombies and thus deserves a lifetime award..