A new dawn, and a new site!

It’s been a long time, and I’ve had my share of bumps over the past year. I was badly knocked down by a year-long bout of depression, but now I’m back. More or less. There’s still more to do on the road to recovery.

I hadn’t been able to write a lot, but I’m slowly getting back into edits of The Pandora Machine (the sequel to The ABACUS Protocol.)

But, I did use my time well. I’m happy to announce that I launched my own website, which I’ll be updating in lieu of this blog from now on:


See you there!

So, I wrote this sweet review I think the world needs to see more of.

Thea's Quiet Reading Corner

I picked this book up when it went free on KDP Select a few months ago, and I really do consider it a diamond in the rough. Bigfoot Hunters is a Horror/comedy mashup by Rick Gualteri, and I’m going to say it was quite the experience.

The book is based on a simple premise, and sets out to prove the following:

A whole lot of frothing, irrational rage + Bigfoot/Sasquatch = BAD.

How bad? Well, read it and find out.

I found that the execution of this book was great. There was action, funny moments, insanity, a really pissed off Alpha, and they all flowed together to make one giant book-long bloodbath. The gore was well-done, and certainly had the desired impact.

The characters were funny, well developed (even the fodder!) and had a dimension well beyond your standard “kids go into woods and get themselves killed” story that…

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The Buccaneer Blogfest!


I love pirates. Space pirates, sea pirates, awesome pirates, ass pirates. I’m not going to elaborate on what exactly an ass pirate is, but it’s a pirate so it’s all good. Thus, when presented with singular opportunity to become a blogging buccaneer, I said “arrr” a few times and signed up. I am far too immature for this, and should stick to zombies, obviously. Until the viking blogfest rolls into town (hint, hint).

Now, a bit about me.

I’m a lifelong nerd, and a lover of science (I’m finishing off a physics degree), I enjoy (good) science fiction, fantasy, horror and for some reason find most thrillers unspeakably boring. Unless a movie falls into the “so bad it’s awesome” category, I probably don’t care to watch it (I do dig anything with a feminist/historical/civil rights bent, though.) I’m really not a TV person in general. Notable exceptions: Star Trek, Doctor Who and recently Dexter. I liked Rome too, because Rome is/was awesome. I’m also a crazy chef, love making preserves from my vegetable garden and crochet is the best in winter.

I live with my awesome but extremely talkative boyfriend, my two cats (Pip + Bonk) and his two cats (Zeus + Milo). I like frogs. Music-wise, I enjoy metal. My favorite bands are: KMFDM, The Birthday Massacre, Rammstein and in my geekier moments I love Rhapsody of Fire. I also like the sub genre called Viking Metal for reasons relating to awesomeness and men in war paint.

As for my blog, it’s mostly my place to write about my writing. I post about my video reviews, progress on my WIPs and other various good news that comes my way. If I release something, I post a first chapter, and a cover reveal. This blog has been a little neglected lately, but I’m hoping to breathe some new life into it.

You can find all my various social medial links on my Contact page.

Sadly, because I’m on WordPress, I can’t post the linky code, but rest assured, you can reach the rest of the blog hop by visiting Sharon Bayliss and her sweet blog.

Zombie Bedtime Stories, a one year anniversary perspective

It’s been a year since I unleashed the first Zombie Bedtime Story, Locked In. Two pseudo-sequels and a few hundred sales later, I find myself reflecting on my first foray into the world of fiction. Hindsight is 20/20, and I must say it looks damn good from where I’m sitting.

What’s upcoming for the next year? Part four, Bedlam, will herald the end of the initial series setup, and part five, Succor, will be the first true sequel. I hope to further my examination of the feelings of loss, hopelessness and the indomitable human will to survive. Themes taken from my own life, topics that resonate very close to home for me.

Did I mention I have twelve to fourteen installations planned? It’s not for the faint of heart.

Would I do anything differently? I’d probably read fewer writing blogs, and ignore most of the “how to be the best spam bot ever” social media advice that plagues the writing community. If there’s one thing I’ve learned through all this, it’s all about the real connection to your friends (readers). You can’t get that through Tweetdeck. You get that one smilie face and exchange at a time. There are real, wonderful people out there in the world, and looking at them as potential marks is the wrong way to go about it. Take the longer road, say nice things to strangers and just write. Then, write some more, and for the sake of all of us, edit.

Year two… engage.