The Red Pen of Doom

I still have my red marking pens from when I was a teaching assistant in university. Now, it is time to turn the ink to my own work.

I was pretty ruthless back in the day. I hope my work survives the night.

This evening, I plan to kick back and edit until the page bleeds red. Then I’ll update the document and edit again. Proofreading will follow. You’ll be seeing May’s piece soon enough.

I had an idea for another novel. Some pseudo cyberpunk horror may be in the works. My rough outline appears promising.

It’s good to know I have inspiration for more than zombies. My muse favors me today, and thinks I’m a giant nerd. I am okay with this.

In other news, it’s election night. I’m going to vote in about an hour. I’m in a safe-seat Liberal riding, and a few weeks ago I was able to meet my MP face-to-face while I was shopping for groceries. I was very impressed, and while I usually lean NDP, I think parliament needs more guys like Dion in the house.