Podcasts, my sexy, sexy voice and catchup

Working weekends bring me back to my time studying physics. The 8+ hours of studying/cramming/grinding and that fuzzy brain feeling mixed with hyperactivity from sitting still too long. I have since managed to kick the caffeine, so at least I’ll be able to keep a normal bedtime. I shouldn’t complain too much. If this project goes through I will be catapulting myself out of the ranks of the underemployed.

I played around with my audio recorder to check podcast potential because I usually just do interviews for transcribing and I wanted something better than my Blackberry. I have an Olympus DM-520 Digital Stereo voice recorder. I am blown away by the audio quality in a quiet room. It seems that I’m setup for some amazing audio books. Hopefully some of mine will wind down or conclude so I can get started. For some inexplicable reason, this recorder makes my voice sound really, really good. Lower quality recordings can make me sound squeaky, or worse, like a 5 year old, but I seem to be firmly set in the adult range. I’ve also determined that I can read the most disgusting, hilarious stuff aloud with no stuttering or inappropriate laughter. (It helps if you re-read the problem bits once of twice before you make the recording pass. Again, another great thing about my recorder is that I can seamlessly pause.)

So, podcasts and audio books are on! It’s going to be awesome!

Tomorrow is massive review catchup. I have two due Tuesday, and Tuesday morning I’m going to an advance screening of a movie that may prove to be very exciting and is very hyped. I’m happy, I usually don’t get the good ones (unless they only show at 10am, then I get them.)

I can start writing again.


I beat writer’s block! (This time)I have a plan, and a review is live, too!

I managed to gain some momentum and made good progress on my first story.

Now, for the plan. I did promise a plan in the title. And Team Thea delivers!

Once this short story is “done”, and by this I mean that I can read it over without cringing, my proofreaders like it and it has survived the rigors of editing by those with objective eyes, I’m going to put it on Wattpad.

It’s like YouTube, but for ebooks. I want to see if it will stand up to anonymous scrutiny. If it’s a hit, great. If not, then I learn and can re-write the story, or do better with the next one.

So many possibilities.

In other news, it’s Earth Day, and my review of African Cats is now live on Orcasound. It was very enjoyable, and the proceeds are for a good cause. It was nice to see a documentary for a change.

Enjoy your long weekend, world!