It’s time for the Coffin Hop! Get your free short #zombie story here!



It’s that time of year again. Time for something scary. How does a free Zombie Bedtime Story sound?


That’s right! Part 1 of the Zombie Bedtime Stories, Locked In, is free on Kindle October 25, 26, 28, 29 and 30! Tell your friends and family.


Now… for the real giveaway. You’ve got part 1. Want the rest? I’ve made this really nifty Rafflecopter giveaway. Sadly, WordPress and scripts don’t get along, so here’s a handy link.

Once you’ve had your fill, just head on back to the Coffin Hop. There’s tons of authors that are dying to meet you.


6 comments on “It’s time for the Coffin Hop! Get your free short #zombie story here!

  1. Lori Joyce Parker says:

    I’m a freelancer in book marketing, PR, proofreading, editing, and journalism. When I’m not working, I’m reading. I review for Word of the Nerd and All Things Urban Fantasy (Well, duh; books for free?). I love to read horror, because I am much better dealing with imaginary problems than my own. Besides, I’m right at home with the crazies and spooks.

  2. Very generous of you to make ‘Locked In’ free for download! Happy Hopping, Thea!

  3. Thanks for the free download. It makes me want more! 🙂

  4. Kate2World says:

    The image, “Zombie Bedtime Stories” intrigues. Not for dream-free sleeping >O< Though it's not coming up free, 99 cents very generous to introduce the series.
    Write On !!

  5. Thea! How’s it going? Thanks so much for the download. That was very cool of you. Thanks also for the giveaway opportunity. I’m sorry i took so long getting here. The list is daunting when there’s an 11 hour day job getting in the way. *sigh* I’d better keep moving if I want to finish. Happy Coffin Hopping!


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