Indie Block Party Introductions: Come meet Thea!

I’m taking part in a sweet blog hop called the Indie Block Party. This should be an excellent way to get this blog revitalized.

Indie block party small

The first post is a means of introducing myself. I’m pretty awesome. Post done.


Just kidding!

I’ve been writing for three years. I got my start writing movie, music, and theater reviews for a local blog. The editor took a sadistic joy in giving me the more unpleasant assignments. In the end, this gave me the gumption to work on my own creations. If utter crap can make it, then why can’t I?

I started writing mostly because I started having really awesome story ideas. I couldn’t ignore them, or get them out of my head. So, I wrote them down and people seemed to enjoy the results. My favorite genre is science fiction, but I really do love horror and fantasy as well. Speculative fiction is the best way to depict the extreme positives and negatives of human potential. By going outside of our world, we learn more about ourselves and the human condition that we can without the forced change in perspective.

This blog is about my journey as a writer. It has my triumphs, my challenges and everything in between. There’s a great deal of everything, and I try to keep it on topic. When I’m not writing, I’m at my day job, jogging, sleeping, pacing, or practicing my driving. I just got my first car, and I’m working on my standard driving skills. It’s totally awesome.

5 comments on “Indie Block Party Introductions: Come meet Thea!

  1. Hi Thea. I love your words on the potential about speculative fiction.
    Good luck with revitalizing the blog. 🙂

  2. Maria Staal says:

    Hey Thea, nice to meet you! I have only just taken the big step from writing non-fiction to writing fiction. Scary, but like you, I do have those stories in my head that need to get out. 🙂
    I am looking forward to reading more about you during the Indie Block Party!

  3. burnsmillie says:

    Hey Thea, I loved Sanity Vacuum…um…if there’s not a review of it yet, I promise there will be one. Sometimes that damn thing called life makes it difficult to get to all the to do’s! Glad to see you out here on the blog hop, and looking forward to getting to know you a little better!

  4. Come on, the first introduction sentence was not a joke, right?
    I’m glad to meet someone who believes in her own awesomeness and I totally agree about the need to change perspective to learn more.

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