The Worldbuilding Blogfest: History & Government of The ABACUS Protocol universe

I’m back and better than ever. I’m taking part in Sharon Bayliss’ Worldbuilding blogfest. I’d like to flesh out the world that Sanity Vacuum and the rest of The ABACUS Protocol take place in.


I’m running a day behind, but I’m going to come out swinging with an article on the history and government of The ABACUS Protocol.

The ABACUS Protocol takes place almost 1000 years in the future. In The Pandora Machine (book 2), I establish the date as being 2998-2999. History repeats itself, and many expect the new millennium to herald the end of galactic civilization.

The first colony, Aurora, was founded about 800 years before the events of Sanity Vacuum. The Auroran sun, Helios, is highly unstable, and the first colonists crash landed. The date of planetfall became known as the First Thanksgiving–because they made it to a new world alive. The Second Thanksgiving is the date of the first harvest on their new world, and is celebrated a few weeks before the first in a calendar year. The Thanksgivings are usually referred to collectively.

Over the centuries, other planets were settled. Elyssia, Caesarea, New Damascus, Nova Albion and Kanadia Prime are the most notable colonies.

Until the late 2800s, the galactic hegemony was ruled from Earth. The ABACUS Incident changed everything. ABACUS gained sentience, and in response Earth was cut off from the rest of the galaxy. Humanity plummeted into another dark age, from which it had only recently begun to recover.

The ABACUS Protocol was created so no supercomputer would ever reach sentience, again.

Now, the galactic hegemon is a figurehead, and most planets are self-governing.  Caesarea is ruled by its ruthless Imperatix, and most other planets follow the democratic model. The Epsilon Eridani spaceport was orphaned after the fall of Earth, and is run by a board of administrators. Aurora is controlled by the Traditionalists–anti-technology zealots.

Want more? Tomorrow, I discuss Religion & Culture in The ABACUS Protocol.

Sanity Vacuum

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7 comments on “The Worldbuilding Blogfest: History & Government of The ABACUS Protocol universe

  1. jamieayres says:

    Yay, Thea’s back:-) Can’t wait to read tomorrow’s post too!

    • nerdygnome says:

      More is coming… tonight! Yesterday’s plans got derailed because I had a chance to watch a Nobel Prize winner in physics give a public lecture. That’s kind of once in a lifetime! (More bucket list for you, Jamie Ayres!)

  2. MatthewGraybosch says:

    This looks like good stuff, Thea. If it matters, I moved my plug for Sanity Vacuum to my main site at

    • nerdygnome says:

      Thanks for the plug, Matthew! I really should go back and finish the rest of the posts. Writing about my universe is so much fun!

      • MatthewGraybosch says:

        You’re welcome. I need to do more worldbuilding posts myself. Not to mention character profiles. And finish revising Without Bloodshed.

        No rest for the wicked, right?

      • nerdygnome says:

        None at all, especially when you have two jobs and school! Gah 😦

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