quIRK #SanityVacuum Contest Hop

Sanity Vacuum is coming soon (tomorrow!) and I’m announcing a blog hop. But first, I’m going to give a big shout-out thank you to Courtney Worth Young for not only helping me set this up, but donating part of the prize! Also, she’s helping me host a super-cool twitter party (details at bottom).

The rules are simple: you need to answer the following question on your blog, and sign up for the linky so I can find it:

Q: If you could ask a quIRK, the supercomputer, ANY QUESTION in the universe, what would it be? Why?

The prize:

  1. A gifted copy of Sanity Vacuum, donated by Courtney
  2. The winning question will appear in book two of The ABACUS Protocol, The Pandora Machine.

Happy Hopping! The contest will run through December 12 and the winner will be announced on Monday December 17th. Good luck all!


WE WILL BE PARTYING ON TWITTER DEC 6, 2012 FROM 8:00pm – 11:00pm EST using the hashtag #sanityvacuum. Prizes will be given to random participants every 30 minutes! Make sure to join us! I recommend using Tweetchat to keep up with the conversation. It’s simple, free, and you won’t miss a second of the Q&A, revelry or debauchery.


One comment on “quIRK #SanityVacuum Contest Hop

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