The Haunted Writing Clinic: Welcome to the Zombie Culinary Institute!

Greetings, minions and fellow super-villains. Please, pull up a chair and have a listen.

The Zombie Culinary Institute is an esteemed and ancient institution, with only one goal in mind: Helping zombies make the most of the apocalypse. Brains and bodies can get boring if only eaten raw, and our mission is to spice up that ennui with some good old fashioned query writing.


If you succeed, a life of the following glory awaits you:

The theme is all zombie, all the time. I am your devoted host, and I’m here to help you perfect your queries before the apocalypse. You don’t want to be eating only raw meat for the rest of eternity, do you?

Now, go forth and watch this space for more handy and totally not undead (I promoise!) query tips and tricks.

Don’t forget to say hello to my fellow villains!

James Wymore – Dark Brain, master of hypnosis, seeking Darkling minions

Court Young – The House of Gaunt (pure bloods only)

Dawna Raver – The Mystical Masters

Gerilyn Marin – The Phantom Court

Thea Gregory – The Zombie Culinary Institute

Mike Robinson – The Mighty Minotaurs of Metaphysics

Krystal Wade – Frankenstein’s Laboratory

The Criminal Masterminds – Visit the Curiosity Quills blog today for an interview with criminal mastermind contest judge, Andrew Buckley.


One comment on “The Haunted Writing Clinic: Welcome to the Zombie Culinary Institute!

  1. And my new goal in life has just become to earn the Patient Zero Award.
    -Minion Mara

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