So, I wrote this sweet review I think the world needs to see more of.

Thea's Quiet Reading Corner

I picked this book up when it went free on KDP Select a few months ago, and I really do consider it a diamond in the rough. Bigfoot Hunters is a Horror/comedy mashup by Rick Gualteri, and I’m going to say it was quite the experience.

The book is based on a simple premise, and sets out to prove the following:

A whole lot of frothing, irrational rage + Bigfoot/Sasquatch = BAD.

How bad? Well, read it and find out.

I found that the execution of this book was great. There was action, funny moments, insanity, a really pissed off Alpha, and they all flowed together to make one giant book-long bloodbath. The gore was well-done, and certainly had the desired impact.

The characters were funny, well developed (even the fodder!) and had a dimension well beyond your standard “kids go into woods and get themselves killed” story that…

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