Happiness is a completed first draft

You heard it here (or on twitter) first. The first draft of Bedlam is done! It clocks in at 21.5k words, but I expect it to grow in edits. One of my characters refused to be evil, and I didn’t force the issue. There’s enough evil inherent in man during a zombie apocalypse to spread around. The end result was much more disturbing.

Hopefully, I’ll be editing it sometime in August. There’s a few Easter Eggs I want to scatter about. Fun stuff.

Now that I’ve cured my multiple-WIP-itis, I’m back to writing The Pandora Machine. Yes, it’s a real condition, stop laughing at me.

4 comments on “Happiness is a completed first draft

  1. Wow, I wish I had your energy.

  2. Congratulations!


  3. jossiemarie says:

    Well done, I remember being at this stage with my first novel, it was very exciting, I’ve just had it published which is great, but Insane Reno took a long time to edit. Let me know when your book get’s published as I’d love to take a look.
    love and hugs Joss xx

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