It’s time for a Creepfest contest!

The Twelve Days of Creepfest have begun! For other locations in this spooky and sure to be epic blog hop, click on Poe’s nose–he likes it, really! But, before you do that, scroll down to find the entry rules of my own contest!


Creepfest lives! Click on his nose for more contests and chances at sweet, sweet prizes.


The dates!

December 13th Midnight PSTDecember 24th  Midnight PST

The Prizes

Grand prize: Smashwords coupons for the first three Zombie Bedtime Stories! Locked In, Locked out and Deadlocked (which will release during the 12 Days of Creepfest, how exciting!)

Other prizes: I will hold one-day short contests to win Smashwords coupons for Locked In and Locked Out individually. These will have separate rules and challenges from the main contest (If limericks aren’t your thing, then I’m sure something will appeal to you!)

My house rules for the Grand Prize!

  1. Like me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter (Preferably both, but I’m not picky!) If both of these are against your Internet religion, subscribe to my blog instead.
  2. In the comments, post a zombie-themed limerick. Note: It MUST follow limerick style. The link has many examples, and I will not consider other forms of poetry for the grand prize.
  3. I will contact winners by email, so make sure the email address you use to comment with is valid, and that you check it!

My terrible sample limerick:

I met a handsome dead fellow
His disposition was quite mellow
His return to life
Caused much strife
And I was found dead in a meadow

Okay, you can do way better than that. Make me laugh, cry or whimper in distress. Most of all, have fun and check out the other participating blogs!

16 comments on “It’s time for a Creepfest contest!

  1. My boyfriend just died of disease,
    But I still hung his mistletoe wreaths.
    He showed up on Christmas
    And devoured me kissless.
    Now my fascia’s feeling a breeze.

    Happy Creepfest Hopping!!!

  2. seamusbayne says:

    I once met a lady quite rotten,
    Whose eyes were the color of cotton.
    She writhed and she moaned,
    and her embrace was quite prone,
    to leave your brains ill-gotten.

  3. Red Tash says:

    I’m working on it, Thea!

  4. Red Tash says:

    Out-classed. Out of my league. Underqualified. You get my drift!

  5. Todd Macy says:

    Eh, may as well. 🙂

    I once met a woman quite dead.
    She was also a bit touched in the head.
    I thought she was smitten
    Until I was bitten.
    Now by the smell of brains I’m led.

  6. I had to do this one. Limericks are just plain fun to write. Here are a few for you. The last one is more for you than for the contest. I hope you like it.
    L. E. White

    you know that they don’t feel the breeze
    as it blows the old leaves past their knees
    and they stumble and groan
    throughout city and home
    just to try and take bites as they please


    there once was a fellow named Fred
    who walked among the living dead
    though I yelled and I screamed
    saying just leave me be
    he kept trying to gnaw on my head


    the zombie walked all over town
    wearing makeup since he was a clown
    but the kids didn’t play
    and they all ran away
    since the zombie’s face was upside down


    well the zombie crawled right down the street
    as it tried to find something to eat
    but its belly was flat
    and it didn’t chew fat
    since its real hard to run without feet


    Thea worked hard as a dog
    mention zombies and she’d drop a log
    But on the day that they came
    see her running away
    screaming “I’ve got to post this on my blog!”

  7. […] grand prizes for both my Creepfest and Holiday Hop contests include a copy of Deadlocked, so get entering! Share the […]

  8. Julie Jansen says:

    At Christmas we weren’t really able
    To enjoy the company of Uncle Bob and Aunt Mable
    Their skin turned gray, their eyes bloodshot
    The drooled and growled, had Mom upset
    Until Dad exploded their brains from across the table…

    As you can see, limericks are not my strongpoint…but they’re fun!
    Happy holidays, Thea!


  9. Red Tash says:

    There was a zombie named Thea
    Her skin was so lovely and grey-a
    She said of my book
    She would have a look
    And that really made-a my day-a

    My apologies for butchering your name. I am dumb. And not good with limmericks. And, also, my real first name is always mispronounced so I should know better. How about from here on out I refer to you as a basic primary color? To me, you shall be known as Yellow.

    There once was a zombie named Yeller
    They said she out with a feller
    But back at the dorm
    Nothing was the norm
    And so she became a story teller

    See? I’m HORRID, Yellow. Just really awful at this.

    But I do heart you the most.

    And it’s okay if you want to change your name to another color. I will allow that.

  10. Mary says:

    Yay! I finally came up with something!

    ‘Neath the mistletoe he and I cuddled,
    But soon I became quite befuddled,
    For his decaying skin,
    From his nose to his chin,
    Slipped onto the floor and then puddled.


    Happy Creepfest!

  11. Jason Darrick says:

    We all know that zombies eat flesh and brain
    The smell of their breath can really be a bane,
    During this winter stint,
    Offer up a peppermint,
    Stick ’em in the eye with a candy cane!

    jasondarrick AT me DOT com

  12. nerdygnome says:

    This one is just too close to call, so I am calling it a tie! I can do this, because I am awesome.

    Jason Darrick and Leonard E White, you’ve got mail!

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