Forget Christmas, give me #Creepfest

Rather than decorating my home, a long, and arduous process that involves needing to clean up after myself, I’ve opted for a more humane approach to the holidays–participating in blog hops.

October’s Coffin Hop was incredible fun, and I’m so stoked I joined two blog hops:

  1. The 12 Days of Creepfest is a horror/dark fiction only hop, and they’re still accepting new signups! Begins Dec. 13
  2. The Holiday Hop, which is more inclusive but still going to be great fun! I hope they like zombies. Begins Dec. 15

As with last time, I’ll be hosting neat contests and giveaways. It’s going to be great fun!


One comment on “Forget Christmas, give me #Creepfest

  1. Simply hang a little mistletoe from your fan in the hall. The spirit of Christmas is love, and there’s an unending supply of kisses.

    Have fun with your blog hops. 😀

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