The Coffin Hop ends, and here are the winning entries!

The Coffin Hop came and went. Great zombie limericks were written. Unfortunately, pneumonia kept me from being as interactive and active in the Hop as I had hoped to be, but there’s always next time.

Now, for the three winners, and their winning entries!

A. F. Stewart – I love pork, and this made me giggle.

There once was a zombie from Cork
 who ate all his brains with a fork.
 He stabbed them with zeal
 gladly munching his meal
 claiming it tasted like pork.

Kathryn Anne Merkel – Zombies… named Clyde! Bonus points for the word ghoul. I should be more inclusive with respect to undead nomenclature.

I once met a zombie named Clyde
 Who had very recently died
 Not your average ghoul
 He’s really quite cool
 As long as you’re not his new bride.

Rob Smales – It’s a story, told with limericks! How can I resist!

There once was a Zombie named Stan,
 With a very intricate plan.
 He would lie in the dirt,
 And pretend to be hurt,
 And then munch every help-giving man.
But true foresight his plan did lack,
 When he lay in the great muddy track.
 The old lady was blind,
 and it was poorly timed,
 She crushed him with her Pontiac.
Then more traffic came on the double,
 And Stan was in terrible trouble.
 His luck was quite sour,
 He’d chosen Rush Hour,
 Now Stan’s nothing but a Blood Puddle!

Many thanks to all who participated! Stay tuned for another blog post, and some blog redecorating later today, after I begin my NaNoWriMo journey.

3 comments on “The Coffin Hop ends, and here are the winning entries!

  1. Hahahaha good stuff! Looking forward to next year’s contest.

  2. Great poems all, and thanks.

  3. Stant Litore says:

    Glorious. 🙂

    Here’s one last piece (not a limerick, though) for dessert, if anyone wants it 🙂

    I must down to the grave again, to the gray soil and sky
    And all I ask is a warm meal and a lamp to eat him by,
    And a ghoul’s groan and a ghost’s moan and the clinking of winter chains,
    And the sweetly-sick reek of rotting flesh in soft earth after these rains.

    Congrats to the CoffinHop winners!


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