A New Bite-Sized Zombie Story, Zombie Pride, now free!

That’s right, I said free. My beloved cover artist came up with a suitably nice cover, and now, I’m showing it off to the world, for your reading pleasure.

My Bite-Sized Zombie Stories exist in the same universe as Zombie Bedtime Stories, but they do not follow the story chronology and do not carry on the plot. They’re essentially me killing nasty people with zombies for the amusement of all. The nasty people totally asked for it and deserved it, so no sympathetic characters were harmed in the making of these stories. However, sometimes, a sympathetic character will be mentioned. (Haley from Locked In was mentioned in The Zombie’s Bride, for instance. I wonder why she stopped answering her phone. Hmm.)

Check out the cover art:

Zombie Pride

Zombie Pride Cover

And now, for links:


Kindle Version (not free yet, that apparently takes a while. I won’t complain if anyone buys it, however.)

Of course, I plan on creating a YouTube video for Zombie Pride, which I will create when I’m over this stupid flu-type bug. I also plan on doing a reading of Locked Out chapter 1.

4 comments on “A New Bite-Sized Zombie Story, Zombie Pride, now free!

  1. Free is good! Your cover artist did a bang-up job … and of course, the story is great.

  2. Morgan says:

    Yes truly great job on the cover art! I will use your generosity of free-ness to introduce myself to you and your writing, which I’m sure will inevitably take me into reading ALL of your other stories. πŸ™‚ Just downloaded it from Smashwords and will be reading it soon! As well as hopefully doing a little review on our blog. Thanks for making this available to us! πŸ™‚

  3. bobo12a says:

    Thank you for the comments, this cover artist is proud to know others like my work as well as my wonderful writer! πŸ™‚

    If ever you know people needing cover art, I am willing to try my services. I’m not sure my limits yet, and all I ask is to get to read some of a story before choosing the art. I like to know the feel of it before getting down to things and deciding on time required, and what I would charge.

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