More Awesome (blog) Awards for me!


What goes around is all around. Or What’s all around comes around. A few days ago, I gave April Denton a sweet award, because that’s what friends are for. Did she ever reciprocate! Since the last award-thing post I did was such a hit, let’s have some more fun. It’s better than a “I wrote stuff today” post.

I think I have to include the rules. They are:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominates you 
2. Share seven random facts about you
3. Pass this award to five new blogging friends
4. Contact and congratulate the awarded bloggers

1. Done. Thanks April. #Zweeps forever.

2. Seven random facts about myself? Well, alright. No refunds.

  1. The hat-fact. I love hats. I have more hats than shoes. I look great in hats. I try to mix up my hats in my youtube videos, just to keep it exciting. I’m at the point where I don’t even need to buy new hats, because everyone knows I love hats. Thus, I get them for birth-mas. The best holiday ever.
  2. I am a Christmas baby. It royally sucks, because I am an atheist and have to lose my birthday (and none of my friends care/remember) to some imaginary jerk who took over the AWESOME Roman holiday of Saturnalia. I could go for a week of gluttony and debauchery. I’d share my birthday with that.
  3. I am an amazing cook. No humility at all here. If I smell/taste something, I can usually figure out all the spices and recreate it well. I also build recipes in my head and know how they’ll turn out. No formal schooling, just lots of learning from my dad and about 20 years of experience. It’s all just chemistry, anyways.
  4. I’m a giant science geek. I have most of a physics degree done. It needs to get finished, when I stop being broke (haha). I also enjoy electronics, chemistry and math.
  5. I have two black belts. Tae Kwon Do and Karate. I think I like pain. Current fascination is yoga, but I really wish my YMCA offered a non-Tai Chi martial art. Tai Chi makes me stabby. I want to hit things.
  6. I have a strangely beneficial nervous habit. I pace, which is where most of my story ideas come from. Nervous energy seems to stimulate my imagination. So if I’m pacing, I’m probably writing my next story in my head. Eventually, I’ll calm down enough to actually write it.
  7. I dislike cars and public transit. I will walk up to 45 minutes and bike up to an hour in each direction to avoid needing to take it. I only have a learner’s permit, so I don’t drive much. I don’t mind driving, but I hate traffic. Driving is boring. Biking is fun and active, kind of like pacing.

Now I need to nominate five people for these awards. Do I know five people? Hmm.

Jason Darrick – He nominated me for my last award, and I’m going to return the favor. He’s an all around sweet guy, single father who writes really scary stuff.

Shana Hammaker – She’s a rebel with no blog, but I bet she can come up with way more than 7 interesting facts about herself. Plus, she write short thrillers, which we all know are the best thing ever.

Malcom Sexsmith – Although we have nothing in common writing-wise (I write zombies, he writes erotica. No touching vs. lots of touching) he’s a pretty cool guy.

AG – I am nominating stick figure picture man, because I can. His blog is funny, too. 🙂

Number 5 goes to anonymous. I need to make more friends with blogs. Or start lying about the rules. Okay, it goes to April again. Hahaha April.




2 comments on “More Awesome (blog) Awards for me!

  1. birth-mas … I like it! 🙂

    Liked the random facts. That’s you in a nutshell!

  2. […] very dear friend Thea nominated my for the award pictured above. I’m confused and honored, and very happy to roll […]

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