High drama low productivity

So my life is mired in stupid drama. So much stupid drama that I may have to unexpectedly move at some point in the undetermined future. This is doing wonders for my ability to focus, as you can probably imagine. However, I am sick of neglecting my writing, blog and vlog and will try to keep up, no matter how overdosed on bullshit I am.

Onto real news:

Locked In got featured on Indie Snippets. It’s just a short quote, but it’s an extended sample of what I usually show off, so check it out.

I’m told I’ll have my first book blogger review tomorrow morning. I’m a little nervous, and very excited.

As a side-project, I’m keeping track of where I submit for reviews/interviews/publicity, and comparing results and wait times. I hope the results will be illuminating.

One comment on “High drama low productivity

  1. Alas, stupid, pointless drama is sometimes the way of life. On the plus side, it can a dollop or interesting meat to the stew of some down-the-road fiction.

    The slings and arrows of life do affect your focus. It did mine for 10+ years; that’s the kind of waste you want to avoid.

    Congrats on the Indie Snippets mention … and looking forward to seeing the blogger review. 🙂

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