The Zombie Walk and this week’s goals

This is a little late, but life has been too hectic and dramatic for my tastes. Fortunately, it’s calming down.

Goals for this week: 5k words into Deadlocked. If I receive edits for Locked Out, input those and edit more. So far I’m about 100 words into Deadlocked. I need to step up my game. They’re 100 damn good words, though. Deadlocked is where I really begin getting into the back story of the series and begin to develop the universe. I’ve decided on a coherent storyline that goes to about a total of 15 short stories and novellas. It’s going to be a fun, crazy ride. It’s an apocalypse like no other. Let’s just say that.

Today I went for a long bike ride in high humidity and heat-wave level weather. I can feel muscles growing on my muscles. The last few blocks were brutal, I could barely keep moving. I feel strangely refreshed and invigorated, so that’s a good thing.

And here are some pictures from the Montreal Zombie Walk. We have yet to edit the video for YouTube due to drama. Stay tuned.


2 comments on “The Zombie Walk and this week’s goals

  1. bobo12a says:

    What? No credit for being your photographer? 😉

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