Gearing up for the next week

I took a weekend off. No writing, no edits. I just wanted to have some fun, get my mind off it and get back into it on Monday.

It worked, for the most part. Now, I’m back in action, and it’s going to be great. There are a few things I want to patch up in the manuscript – such a presumptive word for a novella! Then, I send it off to my editor-type people. I’m hoping the process will be faster this time. I’ve had some practice.

So, I want to get a draft or 2 done this week, and a start on Deadlocked of at least 2000 words. It’s a pretty modest goal, I think. I might do a zombie flash. My shoulder’s been killing me, so I’ve been trying to stay away from the computer to let it get better. I think it’s all the hours I’ve been putting in.

Also coming up this week: Zombie Walk on Saturday! Awesome!

Including redeemed coupons, I sold 12 copies of Locked In between Amazon and Smashwords. That’s probably not bad at all.

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