Promo is over, but the fun has just begun!

So my first promotion ever is over. Don’t worry, it won’t be the last. I’ve been learning a lot these past few days.

For instance:

  1. Repeating your self-promotion to a reasonable degree isn’t spam, because days later very few people (even ones I talk to regularly) realized I was done.
  2. Coupons are good. Everybody likes a coupon. Especially when it’s offered by a Canadian on Independence Day. My theory is that Americans get so much crap they’re happy when somebody foreign just wants to celebrate with them. My Canadian friends may think otherwise, but they’re way too polite to call me out on it.
  3. There are about a billion bloggers and sites out there you can promote on, and the number of tabs I have open is staggering.
  4. My tweeps are awesome, awesome people. Especially BlackZombiePub, who listed me on a list and I’m going to link to his blog post about it because I’m a total narcissist, and a book babe.

So right now I’m planning more promotions, and I want to get my first draft of Locked Out finished by the weekend. Then, it’s RED PEN OF DOOM time. Then, I can start writing Deadlocked, aka Zombie Bedtime Stories Part 3.

I had a totally awesome idea for a dark fantasy zombie story. I might hold out until after I crank out more Zombie Bedtime Stories before really outlining it. I love the idea, but I have enough ideas to keep me busy for at least the next 3 years already.


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