Going on Camera about writing

One way of getting exposure for yourself that I don’t see happening a lot is Youtube. I was browsing through it earlier today, looking for writing vlogs to friend/subscribe to, and while there are many book reviews, I don’t see a lot of actual writing talk. There’s a few noteworthy bits and pieces, but unless my search-fu is off, there’s not as much as you would think.

I’ve been trying to fill the gap, not only because one has been perceived to exist (which can’t do at all!) and because I want to do it.

So far, hits are as can be expected. I started less than a week ago, and I only fixed my tags earlier today. This will be an interesting experiment.

I always wanted my own show. I’m thinking of doing book reviews, and maybe I’ll do some at the Ottawa Rib Fest I’m going to this weekend. Maybe some geek things, too.

Food and writing are good for the soul.

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