I was thinking about character names today

I see lots of threads about naming characters. They all recommend baby naming sites. I hate these sites. I vlogged about this.

It’s a cross between an irrational hatred of all the absolutely terrible names that are popular, and them having no random-name function. I want the awesomeness at my fingertips! The power!

Instead, I use the following approach for female characters:

  1. Think of a name you like and would consider naming your own child. Preferably one that is easy to spell, because I will typo it.
  2. If it can be easily be made fun of, or turned into a stripper/porn name, then keep it. If not, save it for the “baby” pile. (If you plan on staying child-free or have all the kids you want, skip that. I do this so my hypothetical future children don’t ask why I wrote them being eaten alive by zombies. Awkward.)
  3. Choose the more normal/mainstream spelling of name possible.

I’m not usually one to make up names. They come out like Agamemnonicusatrix. That is a bad name. Again, spell-ability, memorability and coherence are important.

For fantasy, I like to go through Ancient Greek and Roman names. They were popular once, so we know they’re pronounceable. Some tweaks and changes can be made to give a consistent and unique feel.

For men’s names, I go with the same formula. I find there’s not so much of a porn/stripper stigma, which makes selection and screening easier. Nice and simple names. Easy to read, easy to spell and easy on the memory.

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