Review deadline met, bring on July 1

I got my reviews in on time. I’m embarrassed by how stuck I got, it’s like my mind blanked out the whole play.

Tomorrow it’s back to creative writing. I missed you so much! Day job is becoming more day job-like, as in I have to do work. But the extra security sure is nice.I got a complete critique of Locked In back, so I have a project for the rest of the week. Then I’m putting out version 6 for my test readers.

I had two more ideas for zombie universe expansion. It’s kind of strange, the more I stressed about the review, the more good creative ideas I had. Well-worn idea notebook to the rescue. I swear I’ve used up the majority of an 80 page notebook.

I’m thinking of playing around with Microsoft OneNote for mind mapping and character sketches. The hierarchies, sup-pages and ability to move ideas around on the page strike me as potentially very useful. I’ve been using OneNote for my work quite a bit. One downfall is that it won’t work on my Android tablet, Linux laptop and computer (where I do most of my writing) or my Blackberry. None of the mind-mapping/organizational software I’ve tried (that’s free) even comes close to what I need.


4 comments on “Review deadline met, bring on July 1

  1. Expanding your Zombieverse further is an awesome idea, and will be great reading. Those ideas (of which I shall not share under penalty of DOOM) are very good. I suspect an anthology will come soon after!

  2. Fish says:

    Nerd to nerd, what I did was create a Google Apps wiki. There are some decent wiki templates, and it’s nice that it can be so free-form. It’ll also work fine on your tablet and laptop.

    Which tablet? Galaxy? Xoom? I’m positively drooling over the Galaxy 10.1 specs.

    • nerdygnome says:

      That’s actually a pretty good idea. I don’t need Blackberry support, it’s mainly a nice-to-have thing. I’ve wanted a Wiki for other reasons (D&D campaign world notes), so that works. Thanks!

      My tablet is kind of gimp. I wanted to try out Android because I’m a geek, and was able to get an inexpensive one. It’s an AOC Breeze. It’s not the fastest thing in the world, but it’s light and I can check email and write on it. And ebooks, lots and lots of free classics to catch up on.

  3. I had no doubt that all the mental pieces would fall into place and you’d git ‘er dun.

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