Nothing like a day off to beat writer’s block

I took yesterday off completely. I didn’t think about writing, or worry about it. I saw my friends, played some games and fussed with my garden a little bit.

I was back with a vengeance today. It seems like if you have writer’s block, to just forget about it for a day and it will come back. I managed to crank out 900+ words today, which is a pretty high daily count for me.

I’m starting to get a feel for the story and the characters. I was still stuck a bit when I first sat down today, so I started describing scenes and characters. Then, I started giving them more traits, more neuroses, more personality. Then I made them just a little more real. And then I made them talk, with extra conflict.

It’s looking good, and it’s going to be much longer than I originally planned.

In other news, day job is picking up again, and Twiter is still way too much fun. However, I wish it would stop recommending fake Portal/Half Life accounts. And everything NASA has ever done. I love you NASA, but you have too many Twitter accounts.

5 comments on “Nothing like a day off to beat writer’s block

  1. Great advice! I remember learning about letting fields lay fallow for a while so things can start growing again. And more neuroses always makes for good writing–and good reading!

  2. Leonargo says:

    Maybe Nasa wants your characters to go to Mars? πŸ™‚

    Good writer’s block solving technique! Its hard to get over the initial feeling that delayed isn’t failure, but it succeeds in the end.

    • nerdygnome says:

      Thanks for the encouragement guys!

      My usual problem solving method is to keep at it, but it seems like I had to do the opposite to get my muse back. πŸ™‚

    • nerdygnome says:

      Oh, and I forgot. Forget sending my characters to Mars, I want NASA to send me to Mars! I am very quiet, small and keep to myself. Plus the trip will give me plenty of time to write.

  3. Leonargo says:

    Would make for a great polaroid too with Mars πŸ˜‰

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