Outlines and picking up new gigs

I’ve noticed that I put a lot of my thoughts down in a notebook before I ever open the word processor. For some reason, having it there, handwritten, makes the idea seem real, and more mine. Writing is probably more psychological than most people understand. Having the concepts written down makes come points more solid, and the really irrelevant fluff fall aside. It might be a matter of perspective.

I’ve been working on picking up some new gigs. My primary gig is not exciting for me anymore, for reasons that are probably unprofessional for me to elaborate on. I can write and not be paid for it with infinitely less frustration than I have now, so why stay?

I’m already getting run in my new gig/internship as of June 1, and I even get to pick my assignments. It’s time to branch out. I deserve exposure, and I want to write my stories and books while doing my gigs in a positive environment.


One comment on “Outlines and picking up new gigs

  1. Notebooks are good. I have one in the living room and one in the bedroom, and I always carry one in my bag wherever I go. I can’t depend on memory alone to keep track of all the inspirations, or the best ones would go the way of the Dodo.

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