A short story emerges!

On a lark, I remembered that I had a mostly completed non-fiction piece languishing on my hard drive. After completing my work for the morning, I opened it up, wrote the few remaining paragraphs and uploaded it to Wattpad.

For your reading pleasure: How I lost my dad

This has been sitting around for a few years, I started writing it in university. I avoided finishing it due to the uncomfortable subject matter.

But hey, it’s out there now. Maybe it will help some poor kid out there realize that they aren’t alone.

For May’s real short story, the red pen of doom is making an impression. During my re-read, I thought who wrote this crap? Red pen time indeed.

I’m looking forward to when it survives my edits and I can feel good about posting it.

Work wise, big project done, business website should be finished by this afternoon, then I get to write some content and worry about SEO/work blogs/social media and other wonderful crap.


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