Hello world: Now less automatically generated.

Creativity is an odd beast. It eludes me some days, and others it seems as though I can barely adapt to the deluge of new thoughts and ideas.

I’ve been writing for a long time, chiefly for academic purposes. I always took pride in a prize, or a well-received composition, but I never thought of it as a lifestyle. Then, in 2010, I became a reviewer and began to see writing in an entirely different light. Far less formulaic and subjective than the rigors of academic prose, it was a gateway to inner creativity. My task now is to show readers what the film/play/concert was like, with my own voice and style, rather than proving some dreary thesis statement. It is fascinating, but I feel that I am simply a mirror that reflects what it sees, in the end I create nothing.

Recently, my thoughts turned to fiction, fantasy, science-fiction and horror; genres which have captivated me all my life. While the perks of being a reviewer are great, and it is a lot of fun, I want to create works of my own, create worlds and stories and take readers to emotional highs and lows.

Greetings and welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay.

2 comments on “Hello world: Now less automatically generated.

  1. Wonderful start to what (I’m sure) is going to be a great blog. Congrats!

  2. Me says:

    Welcome to the world, you write well, and expect much from your future posts…. 🙂

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